Презентация "Why Throw away? Why Not Recycle?"

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Why throw away? Why not recycle? We leave litter in the forests We pollute air We cut down trees We throw litter at the river We kill animals WWF Всемирный Фонд Защиты Дикой Природы. We leave fire We pollute water We hurt animals We destroy forests We pollute wildlife CROSSWORD
  • Пачка
  • 2. Запрещать 3. Выбрасывать 4. Переработка 5. Упаковка
6. Мусор 7. Загрязнение 8. Консервная банка 9. ????? CHECK YOURSELF
  • Pack
  • Prohibit
  • Throw
  • Recycling
  • Packaging
6.Litter 7.Pollution 8.Can 9. Prohibition


Bury and forget

Wonderful stuff

Domestic rubbish

Recyclable material

Nearly everything

Keep food clean and


Tear the wrapping off

Without a thought

Remain on the roadside

Cause cuts




Домашний мусор

Похоронить и забыть

Почти все

Замечательный материал

Причинять порезы

Не думая


Перерабатываемый материал

Хранить еду чистой и свежей


Снимать обертку

Оставлять на обочине



Second conditional
  • If V2 (Past Simple), would V1 (infinitive)
  • We use it for unlikely situations in the present or future.
  • (Маловероятное условие. Действие относится к настоящему или будущему.)
Third Conditional
  • If had V3 (Past Perfect), would/could have V3
  • We use it to talk about situations that didn’t happen in the past.
  • (Нереальное условие. Действие относится к прошедшему времени.)

Conditional Clause

Main Clause

Conditional II

If + V2

( Past Simple)

Would + V1


Conditional III

If + had V3

(Past Perfect)

Would/could +

have V3

What would you do if you were If I were… If I had been… a) a head of our school b) a head of our city c) a head of our country
  • Make antipollution laws
  • Take care of homeless animals
  • Take measures to prevent water and air pollution
  • Solve different medical problems
  • Solve scientific problems
  • Do research to save wildlife
  • Invent cars that pollute less air
  • Plant a lot of parks and squares