Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку 10-11 класс

10 11 th form
1. Listening (10 points)
Time: 15 minutes
Choose a, b, c or d, which fits best according to the text.
1. The tour starts ... .
a) in the centre
b) in the old town square
c) near the church
2. The tour probably takes place in ... .
A) January B) July C) October
3. The monument to Jan Hus is in the ... of the
a) centre
b) eastern part
c) northern part
4. The monument to Jan Hus was built in ... .
a) 1346
b) the fifteenth century
c) the twentieth century
5. How many churches do they see during the tour?
A) Two B) Three C) Four
6. ... was used in the film "Amadeus".
a) The theatre
b) The market
c) The small church
7. It was used in the film because ... .
a) it hasn't changed
b) it's beautiful
c) it has good acoust