Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку 9 класс

9-th form
TASK 1 LISTENING (10 points)
Time: 10 minutes
Listen to the text and answer the questions
1. The tour starts ... .
a) in the centre
b) in the old town square
c) near the church
2. The tour probably takes place in ... .
A) January B) July C) October
3. The monument to Jan Hus is in the ... of the
a) centre
b) eastern part
c) northern part
4. The monument to Jan Hus was built in ... .
a) 1346
b) the fifteenth century
c) the twentieth century
5. How many churches do they see during the
A) Two
C) Four
6. ... was used in the film "Amadeus".
a) The theatre
b) The market
c) The small church
7. It was used in the film because ... .
a) it hasn't changed
b) it's beautiful
c) it has good acoustics
8. The independence was announced in . .
a) 1346
b) the fifteenth century
c) 1918
9. The Community House ... .
a) has good acoustics
b) was used in the film
c) has a famous cafe
10. The church is very popular with the ... .
a) tourists
b) citizens
c) spectators
TASK 2 READING (20 points)
Time: 20 minutes
1. Complete the description using these relative clauses: (10 points)
1. which tells the story
2. that we're going to next Saturday
3. where we cook and eat
4. whose family have all emigrated
5. which is the focal point of the room
6. which means
7. we haven't seen
8. I like best
9. who are cross and sleepy
10. where family and friends come together
My favourite room
Тhe room in our house (l) ________ is our kitchen. Perhaps the kitchen is the most important room
in many houses, but it is particularly so in our house because it's not only (2) ________, but it's also the
place (3) ________.
I have so many happy memories of times spent there: ordinary daily events such as making
breakfast on dark, cold winter mornings for children (4) ________, before sending them off to school; or
special occasions such as homecomings or cooking Christmas dinner. Whenever we have a party, people
gravitate with their drinks to the kitchen. It always ends up the fullest and noisiest room in the house.
So what does this special room look like? It's quite big, but not huge. It's big enough to have a good-
sized rectangular table in the centre, (5) ________. There is a large window above the sink, looking out
onto two apple trees in the garden. There's a big, old cooking stove at one end, and at the other end a wall
with a huge notice board (6) _________ of our lives, past, present, and future: a school photo of the kids;
a postcard from Auntie Nancy, (7) _________ to Australia; the menu from a take-away Chinese
restaurant; an invitation to a wedding (8) _________ ; a letter from a friend (9) _________ for years. All
our world is there for everyone to read!
The front door is seldom used in our house, only by strangers. All our friends use the back door (10)
_________ they come straight into the kitchen and join in whatever is happening there. The kettle goes on
immediately and then we all sit round the table, drinking tea and putting the world to rights! Without
doubt some of the happiest times of my life have been spent in our kitchen.
2. Read the menu and the text below and decide what each person Dan, Jenny, Kate, Tim
ate and drank
Jack's cafe
Hamburger and chips
Fish and chips
Chicken and chips
Sausage and chips
Egg and chips
99 p
Ham sandwich
75 p
Cheese sandwich
65 p
Glass of lemonade
38 p
Glass of milk
15 p
Cup of tea
20 p
Cup of coffee
35 p
Glass of coke
45 p
Dan's food cost less than a pound.
Jenny doesn't eat meat or fish.
Kate's food cost more than Jenny's.
Tim doesn't like fish.
Jenny didn't have chips with her food.
Kate and Dan had the same thing to eat.
Tim's food was the most expensive on the menu.
Dan didn't have a sandwich.
The total bill for food was £4.43.
Jenny and Tim had the same drink.
Only Kate had a hot drink.
Dan had the least expensive drink.
Jenny's drink cost 25 p more than Kate's drink.
11. Dan ate ... .
A) egg and chips
B) hamburger and chips
C) sausage and chips
12. Dan drank ....
A) cup of tea
B) glass of coke
C) glass of milk
13. Jenny ate ....
A) cheese sandwich
B) ham sandwich
C) fish and chips
14. Jenny drank ... .
A) glass of lemonade
B) glass of milk
C) glass of coke
15. Kate ate ... .
A) chicken and chips
B) egg and chips
C) ham sandwich