Олимпиада по английскому языку 3 класс

Ответы на задания к тесту
I 1 No; 2 Yes; 3 Yes; 4 No; 5 Yes.
II 1 five; 2 kitchen; 3 chocolate; 4 frog; 5 take off.
III 1 is; 2 has; 3 his; 4 they; 5 cats.
IV Например:
1 Maria
2 chips
3 toy soldier
4 art
5 jump and swim
Олимпиада по английскому языку для учащихся 3-их классов
Read the text and write Yes or No.
My names Larry. I’m eight and I’m fine. I’m in Year 3 at school. I like PE, Art
and Music, but my favourite subject is English.
What about you?
e.g. His name is Paco. No
1. He’s ten. ____
2. He’s fine. ____
3. He’s in Year three at school. ____
4. He likes Geography and Science. _____
5. His favourite subject is English. ______
Read and underline the correct item.
e.g. What/how is your name?
1. How old are you? I’m fine/five.
2. Where’s Mummy? – She’s in the table/kitchen.
3. My favourite food is chair/chocolate.
4. I can jump like a horse/frog.
5. It’s hot today. Put on/take off your jacket!
Read and underline the correct item.
e.g. I am/is six.
1. My name is/are Alice.
2. He has/have got a big nose.
3. This is my brother. His/her name is Larry.
4. This is Ann and this is Lulu. They/we are seven.
5. I’ve got two cat/cats.
Complete about yourself.
e.g. Year: I’m in Year 3 at school.
Name: 1.__________________________________________________________
Favourite food: 2.__________________________________________________
Favourite toy:3. ___________________________________________________
Favourite subject:4. ________________________________________________
I can: 5.___________________________________________________________