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WHAT DO BRITISH PEOPLE LIKE TO EAT? eat-a-sweet time to have a sweet tooth pudding sandwich roll bun pie jam biscuits do exercises Finish the sentences.
  • The British have …….
  • For Christmas the British cook Christmas…...
  • John likes to eat apple ………. for breakfast.
  • The British like eating sweet things like ……….
  • For the British any time is ……….. time.

a sweet tooth.



cakes and biscuits.

eat a sweet

WHAT DO BRITISH PEOPLE LIKE TO EAT? TEST Task I. Mark the statements with "T" if the information is true and with "F" if it is false.
  • "To have a sweet tooth" means that you like to eat sweet things.
  • Pizza is a sweet thing.
  • A sandwich can be a fruit one.
  • The British don't eat sweets in the cinema or theatre.
  • The British eat sweets only during holidays.
  • British people eat sandwiches for breakfast.
  • There is one slice of bread in a sandwich.
  • Foreigners love English sandwiches and tea.
  • English tea is very strong.
Task II. Choose the correct ending to sentences. 1. The text "Sweet Tooth" is about...
  • dental problems
  • the British love for sweet things
  • a new computer technology
  • 2. The British have eat-a-sweet time...
  • only at tea
  • on special days
  • at any time, occasion (случай) and place
  • 3. The text "English Sandwiches and Tea" is about...
  • the ways (способы) of making sandwiches and tea
  • foreigners who like English sandwiches and tea
  • strong English tea and different kinds of sandwiches
Task II. Choose the correct ending to sentences. 4. The English have...
  • lots of sandwich shops
  • a lot of sandwich magazines
  • many sandwich bars
  • 5. The English eat only...
  • meat and fish sandwiches
  • sweet sandwiches
  • all sorts of sandwiches
  • 6.The English likes…
  • To drink tea a lot
  • To eat meat
  • To watch football matches
Task III. Answer the questions.
  • What kinds of sweet things do you know? (name at least 5)
  • Where and when do the British eat sweet things?
  • What do you put between the slices of a sandwich?
  • What kind of sandwiches do foreigners like?
  • How much tea do the English drink?
Reflexion I didn’t know that… (Я не знал, что…) I found out that… (Я выяснил, что…) I would like to know more about…. (Я бы хотел узнать больше о…) Thank you for your work!!! Homework: …….