Сценарий "We love English" 2 класс

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение
«Хотьковская начальная общеобразовательная школа № 3»
Сценарий общешкольного мероприятия
Праздник английского языка
We love English
для 2-х классов
Составили и провели: Кондратьева А.В., Краюшкина С.В.
учителя английского языка
Дата мероприятия: 26 декабря 2013 год
Сценарий праздника английского языка
We love English”. (2-е классы)
- Hello, boys and girls, parents, grandparents and teachers. Hello
everyone. How are you?
- Welcome to our concert (party).
- Let's begin it and listen to the rhyme.
- Please, welcome to the class "V".
1. The rhyme: "Как здороваться!" (2 "V")
Даже если ты молчун, Вечер выдался плохой,
Даже если бука, С ветром или ливнем.
Говори:”Good afternoon”, Все равно, придя, домой,
Если встретишь друга. Ты скажи:”Good evening!”
Это днем, когда светло Посмотри: опять светло,
И спешишь не очень. Синь на небосклоне.
А спешишь, скажи:”Hello!” Утро доброе пришло.
Как бы, между прочим. Говори:”Good morning!”
-Well done. Let's say to each other " Hello" once more.
- And the children from the class "A" continue our concert.
2. The song about the alphabet. (2 "A")
I can sing the alphabet,
Can you do the same?
I can sing the alphabet,
I've got it in my head!
N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z!
- It's great.
- And the next turn for the children from the class "B".
3. The song "Yummy, yummy chocolate". (2 "B")
Yummy, yummy chocolate,
That's what I like!
Chocolate on a biscuit,
Chocolate on a cake!
I don't like eggs,
And I don't like cheese!
But yummy, yummy chocolate,
Ooh, yes, please!
- It's good.
- Let's listen to the poem "I like to read". The girls from the class "A".
4. The poem: "I like to read". (2 "A")
I like to read,
I like to play,
I like to study every day.
I like to jump,
I like to run,
I like to play,
It's fun!
- Well done. It's good. Let's clap your hands to our girls.
- Let's continue. Let's listen to the story about Humpty Dumpty. The
class "V".
5. The story "Humpty Dumpty". (2 "V")
Narrator: - This is Humpty Dumpty.
- He is sitting on the wall.
Humpty: - Hello! I'm Humpty Dumpty.
- What a lovely day!
Narrator: - Then Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall.
Humpty: - Help! Help!
- Call for the King's horses.
- Call for the King's men.
- I need help!
Narrator: - The King's horses come.
- The King's men come.
- They can't put Humpty together again.
- So they take Humpty to the Egg Hospital.
Humpty: - Oh! Thank you!
- It's excellent. Do you like it?
- And now the song about Humpty Dumpty.
6. The song about Humpty Dumpty. (2 "V")
Humpty Dumpty
Sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty
Had a great fall.
All the king s horses
And all the king s men.
Couldn't put Humpty
Together again.
- It's very nice and great.
- And the children from the class "A" sing the song "One, two, three,
7. The song "One, two, three, four". (2 "A")
One, two, three, four,
Yummy chocolate,
Give me more!
Five, six, seven, eight,
My favourite food
Is chocolate!
- It's great. Do you like chocolate?
- And now another story. The children from the class "B" show us it.
8. The story "Baa, baa, black sheep". (2 "B")
Tommy: - Hello, Blackie!
Blackie: - Hello, Tommy!
Tommy: - Have you got any wool?
Blackie: - Yes, sir! Look! Three bags full!
Tommy: - Three bags!? Oh, good.
Blackie: - One is for the Master.
Tommy: - Oh, I see.
Blackie: - One is for the Dame.
Tommy: - Oh, I see.
Blackie: - And this one is for the little boy who lives down the lane.
Tommy: - Oh, that's me! Thank you.
Blackie: - B-A-A-A
-Well done. And now the song " Baa, baa, black sheep".
9. The song " Baa, baa, black sheep". (2 "B")
Baa, baa, black sheep.
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags full.
One for the master
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy,
Who lives down the lane.
- Do you like it? It's good.
- And now let's answer the question "Where's naughty Chucles?". The
children from the class "V" show us it and sing the song.
10. The song "Footprints". (2 "V")
Footprints in the kitchen,
Footprints in the hall,
Footprints on the floor,
Footprints on the wall!
Footprints in the living room,
Footprints on the stairs,
Footprints in the bedroom,
Footprints on the chairs!
Footprints in the bathroom,
But where's naughty Chucles?
Footprints in the bath,
He's there with all the bubbles!
- It's excellent.
- And now let's sing the song and dance a little with the class "B".
11. The song "This is my house". (2 "B")
This is my house,
This is the door!
The windows are clean,
And so is the floor!
Outside there's a chimney,
As tall as can be,
With smoke that goes up,
Come and see!
-Well done.
- Soon we'll celebrate some holidays, New Year and Christmas.
- And at the end of our concert let's sing the song about New Year.
- Stand up and sing along.
12. The song " Happy New Year". (все)
Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
Let's have fun, let's have fun!
Goodbye to the old year,
Hello to the new year,
Hurray, hurray! Hurray, hurray!
- Thank you very much everybody. Happy New Year and Merry
Christmas. Goodbye.