Презентация "Broadway in New York" 9 класс

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Broadway in New York
  • Made by Vel’dyaskina Elena
  • Check by Kayminova L.N.
  • Broadway was the path at first, winding among the fens and cliffs of the island of Manhattan. After arriving of Dutch settlers the path was become the main road from island of New Amsterdam to the south shore. Dutch researcher and businessman David de Vries was the first who mentioned this way in his logbook in 1642. The Dutch called it «Heerestraat», which can be translated as «the street of Lords». One part the street was named the Lower Manhattan and it is known Great George Street in our days. There were other names of different parts of Broadway, but on 14th of February 1899 this street was named Broadway.
  • The name «broad way» street has got from the governor of New Netherlands of Peter Minёyta.
  • Broadway is the longest street in New York (more than 25 km).
  • It is the oldest of the major street of New York.
  • Broadway is called business street, because there are huge number of office building and businesses there.
  • Broadway is very a noisy street.
  • There are a lot of souvenir shops and cafes in the street.
  • You can realize your dreams and watch the Broadway show.
  • Broadway is worth seeing in the evening with light of neon.
  • I advice you to visit and to see everything with your own eyes.
  • Edgar Allan Poe says: «Everyone knows that Broadway is the most elegant street of New World. It is aorta, which is flown the best blood of our system. Everything that is exquisite in our continent, has been gone through this street. The best exhibitions are held here, caravans arrives in here from around the world.»
  • Broadway is waiting for you!