Тест "Past Simple / Articles"

Open the brackets and put the verb into the right form. Use article where
1. You (to swim) last summer? Yes, I… . I (to go) to … Red Sea and (to swim)
there a lot.
2. You (to see) … Red Square in summer? – My family (to visit) … Moscow and
(to see) … Kremlin, … St Basil’s Cathedral and … State Historical Museum.
3. Where he (to be) yesterday? He (to be) in … Central Restaurant and (to
eat) tasty pasta there.
4. Where they (to stay) in … Peterhof? – They (to stay) in … Grand Hotel. They
(to like ) it there very much.
5. You (to go) to … Alexanriyskiy Park when you (to be) in … Peterhof? – Yes,
we … . But we (not /to walk) there very often.
6. Yesterday I (to read) an interesting story about … Atlantic ocean.
7. Last summer we (to go) camping to … Lake Voldaiskoye.
8. Two years ago my parents (to travel) to … Volga and (to take) wonderful
pictures of the nature.
9. I (not/to travel) to …Europe last summer but I (to be) to … Africa five years
10. Mike (not/to go) to … Marinskiy Theatre last week but he (to listen) an
opera in … Bolshoi Theatre a year ago.