Презентация "Maslenitsa or Pancake Week" 5 класс

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Maslenitsa or Pancake Week
  • Anton Kolesov
  • Pancakes - блины
  • Snow fights – сражения в снежки
  • Competitions – соревнования
  • Ask each other’s pardon - просить прощения друг у друга
When does Maslenitsa usually begin?
  • Maslenitsa is usually in February or at the beginning of March.
Children have a lot of fun!!! What do people make?
  • People make pancakes that are different in size and eat pancakes each day of the week!
There are snow fights, different games and competitions outdoors. There is a very important tradition on the last Sunday before Lent – on that day people ask each other’s pardon. What happens after Maslenitsa?
  • There is a Lent after Maslenitsa.
  • Give up - отказаться
  • Pray - молиться
  • Confess - исповедоваться
  • Take Holy Communion - причащаться
  • Lent usually begins in February or at the beginning of March.
  • When does Lent usually begin?
It is forty days long
  • Christians cannot eat meat, butter, cheese and even fish.
During Lent Christmas pray, often go to church, confess and take Holy Communion.