Презентация "Naturel Disasters" 8 класс

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NATUREL DISASTERS Spotlight, class 8 Teacher: A. Pashenkina drought[draʊt] a period of time with no rain flood[flʌd] large amount of water that covers an area which is usually dry


tornado[tɔːˈneɪdəʊ] a violent wind storm which consists of a tall column of air spinning around very fast tsunami [tsʊˈnɑːmɪ] a huge wave caused by an earthquake which flows onto land earthquake[ˈɜːθkweɪk] a shaking of the ground cyclone[ˈsaɪkləʊn] a violent tropical storm in which the air goes round and round avalanche [ævəlɑːntʃ] a large mass of snow falling down hurrican[ˈhʌrɪkən] an extremely violent wind or storm What are these words in your language? drought earthquake flood cyclone tsunami avalanche tornado hurricane Explain the words. drought hurricane flood avalanche tornado cyclone tsunami earthquake What’s this? How are you at the end of the lesson? H/W Ex. 6, p.75 THANK YOU!