Конспект урока "A sound mind in a sound body" 6 класс

A sound mind in a sound body.
(В здоровом теле - здоровый дух)
Автор: Глыбова Анастасия Юрьевна, учитель английского языка МОУ «Русская
православная гимназия»
Разработка урока предназначена для учащихся 6 класса УМК Кузовлев В.П,
1. Обобщение тематического материала.
2. Активизация всех видов коммуникативной речи.
3. Воспитание интереса к иностранному языку.
Оборудование: проектор, экран, магнитофон
Ход урока
1. Орг. момент
Good afternoon dear friend and guests. Turn over and welcome our guests.
Have a look. Read the proverbs. Do you know them? Can you give the Russian
equivalents? What proverb can be the name of our lesson?
A sound mind in a sound body.
First think then speak.
Two heads are better than one.
The theme of our lesson is “A sound mind in a sound body”. But we shall start with some
grammar with model verbs.
Now let’s sing what you should or must do not to have a sore throat.
2. Фон. зарядка
Kids like doing things together
In a cold or frosty weather.
But they should put on warm coats
Not to have an awful throat.
If they have the flu or cold
To the doctor they must go.
They should follow his advice.
And must not eat snow and ice.
Headache, toothache no matter
Stay in bed, you must get better.
You should drink a lot of tea
Wait for doctors, they will see.
Kids all must be fit and healthy.
It will make them bright and wealthy.
They should sport and eat good food.
Then they will be in good mood.
3. Реч. зарядка
What should or must you do not to have a sore throat?
What shouldn’t or mustn’t you do?
(You should put on warm coats. You must consult a doctor. You mustn’t eat ice. You
should stay in bed. You should play sport and eat good food.)
4. Проверка домашнего задания
How are you? What’s the matter?
(I have toothache. It’s horrible.
I have a stomachache.
I feel awful. I have a headache.
I’m upset. My dog has cut his leg.)
Oh, I think we should have a medical check. Let’s go to a hospital.
We should visit some doctors. Do you know what doctors there are in the hospital?
Kristina has prepared the quiz. Guess the quiz.
You go to this doctor if you have a headache.
You go to this doctor if you have toothache.
You go to this doctor if your cat has stomachache.
You go to this doctor if you’ve hurt your back.
Ok let’s go but first listen what room should we go?
5. Аудирование.
Different doctors sit in different rooms. Listen and match a doctor and a room number.
Dear patients,
Welcome to our hospital. Our doctors are very careful and can help you in an emergency.
If you have a headache or the flu and feel awful you should have a medical check at the
pediatrician. He is waiting for you in room 3. If you have a stomachache and feel horrible
the surgeon welcomes you in room 2. If you have toothache the dentist can consult you in
room 1. If you want to help your pet you can get advice of the veterinarian in room 4.
What doctor should you visit? What room must you go? Let’s visit these doctors. The
task for other pupils: listen to the dialogues and match the problem and the advice.
6. Разыгрывание диалогов.
At the dentist.
- Welcome. How are you?
- I don’t feel well. I have toothache. It’s horrible.
- Don’t worry. You must have a medical check. You must take medicine.
- Should I stay in bed?
- No, you shouldn’t. But you should put a warm compress?
- Thank you.
- I hope you will get better soon.
At the surgeon.
- Hello. Are you OK?
- I feel awful.
- What’s the matter?
- I have a stomachache.
- I’m sorry to hear that. Have you eaten anything exotic today?
- I think, I have. Then you must take some medicine.
- Should I drink some tea?
- Yes, but you should drink herbal tea.
- Thank you for your advice.
At the pediatrician.
- What’s the matter? How are you?
- I have a headache. Perhaps, I have the flu.
- You must stay in bed. You must drink tea with honey.
- Should I take medicine?
- Of course, you should take medicine and follow my advice.
- Should I go to school?
- If you have the flu you mustn’t go to school.
- Thank you.
- I hope you will get better soon.
At the veterinarian.
- Welcome. What has happened?
- My dog has cut her leg. It hurts. What should I do?
- You must put ice and use a plaster.
- Should I give him medicine?
- No, you shouldn’t. And you shouldn’t wash him.
- May I walk him?
- No, he mustn’t move his leg.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Look at your cards and tell what you should do if you have a health problem.
7. Физ. минутка.
Should follow my advice
Bend your body once or twice.
To be healthy, fit and bright
You must turn and left and right.
Raise your arms and put them down
Then you should make a big round.
Nod your head, look left and right
You must feel quite well and bright.
8. Do you like doctors? What is your opinion? Are doctors necessary?
9. Дом. задание.
Your home task is to make the notes “Be careful! The FLU
10. Подведение итогов.
Look at the screen. Let’s repeat the main proverb of our lesson. Do you agree with it?
Is it a good proverb? Let’s finish our lesson with our song.