Сценарий "The Little Mermaid" 5 класс

The Little Mermaid
1. Prince Eric
2. Grimsby
3. King Triton
4. Ariel
5. Flounder
6. Ursula
7. Sebastian
8. Floatsam
9. Adella
10. Allana
11. Scuttle
Fathoms Below
I`ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue
An` it`s hey to the starboard, heave ho!
Brave sailor, beware, “cause a big uns a-brewin”
Mysterious fathoms below! Heave ho!
I`ll sing you a song of the King of the sea
An` it`s hey to the starboard, heave ho!
The ruler of all of the oceans is he
In mysterious fathoms below!
From whence wayward
Westerlies blow!
Where Triton is King
And his merpeople sing
In mysterious fathoms below!
Prince Eric: Isn`t this perfection, Grimsby? Out on the open sea, surrounded by nothing but
water and imagination!
Grimsby: Oh, yes, it`s simply delightful.
Prince Eric: The salt on your skin and the wind in your hair, and the waves, as they ebb and they
flow! We`re miles from the shore, and guess what I don`t care!
Voice: Ah! Ah!
Prince Eric: What is that? Do you hear something?
Grimsby: Milord, please enough sea-faring! This talk of merpeople and the King of the sea is
nonsense! Your majesty, you`ve got to return to court and take up your father`s crown!
Prince Eric: That’s not the life for me, Grimsby. Now, follow that voice to the ends of the earth if
we have to!
King Triton: It`s wonderful to see all of you here.
Sebastian: Oh, sir! You`ll love this song! I wrote it for my star pupil!
King Triton: And who might that be?
Sebastian: Your youngest! Such a voice, that child! Notes as clear as ice.
King Triton: Well, what are we waiting for? Let the festivities begin!
Adella: We are the daughters of Triton, Great father who loves us and named us well,
Adella, Allana and Ariel. In concert we hope to enlighten the hearts of the merfolk with music`s
Allana: Our youngest little sister, we`re presenting her to you, to sing a song Sebastian wrote,
her voice is like a bell. It`s our sister, Ariel!
Sebastian: Not again, child. I was counting on you most of all!
King Triton: Ariel! Where in the name of Poseidon is that girl?
Scene 3
Flounder: Hey, Ariel! There you are!
Ariel: Just look, Flounder! The sun, the sand… isn`t it the most beautiful place you`ve ever seen?
Flounder: I`m not sure we ought to be up here.
Ariel: Look! Have you ever seen anything so wonderful in your entire life?
Flounder: Wow! What is it?
Ariel: I don`t know… but I bet Scuttle will. Scuttle!
Scuttle: Hello Ariel!
Ariel: Scuttle, look, what we found!
Scuttle: More human stuff, eh? Let me see. Wow! This is special! This is very unusual.
Ariel: What? What is it?
Scuttle: It`s a dinglehopper!
Ariel: A dinglehopper?
Scuttle: When it comes to dinglehopper, I`m a regular encyclopoodia!
Wonderful stuff
That human stuff.
Can`t get enough
Of human stuff
And we are the authority
No need for us to bluff
Because we`re great at explanatin` human stuff.
Scene 4
Ursula: Flotsam, my pet! Come to me, my little sea-spy! What news do you have?
Flotsam: King Triton and the merfolk are celebrating your defeat!
Ursula: Well, now it`s time to turn the tides on Triton. We just need to find his Achilles heel.
Flotsam: The King is terribly devoted to his daughters. Especially the youngest, with the
beautiful voice.
Ursula: Find out what that girl really wants. I`ll whip up a little spell to make her dreams come
Scene 5
Ariel: Daddy, forgive me, I`m so sorry. I just forgot.
King Triton: As a result of your careless behavior!
Sebastian: Careless and reckless behavior!
King Triton: The entire celebration was………
Sebastian: Ruined! Completely destroyed! This concert was going to be the pinnacle of my
distinguished career.
King Triton: Sebastian!
Flounder: It wasn`t even Ariel`s fault! We wanted to come back straight away. But then the
seagull started going on and on about human stuff.
King Triton: Seagull? Human stuff? You went up to the surface?
Ariel: Um, nothing happened.
King Triton: As long as you live under my reef, you`ll obey my rules!
Ariel: If only my father could understand me.
Sebastian: Ariel, down here is your home! The human world is a mess. Life under the sea is
better that anything they got up there.
Under the Sea
The seaweed is always greener I somebody else`s lake
You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake.
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you looking for.
Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it`s better down where it`s wetter take it from me
Up on the shore the work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we`ve devoting full time to floating under the sea.
Down here the fish is happy
As off through the waves they roll
The fish on the land ain`t happy
They sad` cause they in their bowl
But fish in the bowl is lucky
They in for a worser fate
The day when the boss gets hungry
Guess who`s going be on the plate
Under the sea
Under the sea
Nobody beat us
Fry us and eat us in fricassee
We what the land folks loves to cook
Under the sea we off the hook
We`ve got no trouble life is the bubbles
Under the sea.
Scene 6
Prince Eric: Now, suppose I don`t want to be King.
Grimsby: You will have to marry by your next birthday, which is now three days away!
Prince Eric: Did you ever try to take a princess sailing? It`s a joke!
Grimsby: Our Kingdom needs a queen!
Prince Eric: Somewhere, out there a girl who`s a match for a guy like me. When I come across
the girl of my dreams, it`ll hit me like lightning.
Grimsby: Hurricane is coming. King Triton must be angry indeed! Oh, good heavens!
Prince Eric: Help!
Scene 7
Ariel: Was I too late?
Flounder: It`s hard to say. I can`t make out a heartbeat.
Ariel: No, look! He`s breathing. He is so beautiful.
What would I give to live where you are?
What would I pay to stay here, beside you?
What would I do to see you smiling at me……
Grimsby: Prince Eric!
Flounder: Let`s go away!
Grimsby: Oh, prince Eric! Are you all right?
Prince Eric: A girl rescued me. She was singing. I must find her! And thank for saving my life.
Grimsby: You`ve heard too many tales, my boy.
Prince Eric: No! She was real.
Grimsby: Of course she was . As real as a mermaid on the rock!
Scene 8
Allana: I`m talking about Ariel, that`s who!
Adella: What about her?
Allana: She sure is acting fishy lately!
Adella: I`ll say! Swimming in circles! Chasing her tail!
Allana: That girl is up to her gills in something!
She is in Love
She`s dizzy and she`s dreamy
Her head`s up in the foam.
Her eyes have gone all gleamy,
It`s like there`s no one home.
She floats away the days,
Mopin` on the coastal shelf.
You ask her where she`s going
She giggles like a fool
She barely sticks a toe
In down at the tidal pool
It`s more than just a phase
Face it just not herself.
Is she ill? Or insane?
Is it water on the brain? What has got her bothered so?
It`s the bends! It`s the flu!
Gosh, I wish we had a clue!
Oh, wait!
Oh, dear!
Good grief!
It`s clear….
She`s in love!
She`s in love!
Pounding heart! Ringing bells!
Look, I think she`s even wearing brand new shells!
She`s in love!
She`s in love!
She`s in love!
Glory it`s divine!
That girl`s on stand bar nine! Be!
Lord above! Got to be!
She`s in love!
King Triton: In love, my little Ariel? Just a minute here, Flounder?
Flounder: Who, me?
King Triton: Who`s the lucky merman?
Flounder: I don`t know.
King Triton: Sebastian? Any ideas?
Sebastian: I`ve tried to stop her, but she doesn`t listen. I tell her “Ariel, you`ve got to stay away
from those humans……
King Triton: Did you save the human?
Ariel: He didn`t frighten me. He made me feel wonderful! Besides, I am not a child any more.
King Triton: He`s a human, you`re a mermaid. You are not to go to the surface ever again.
Scene 9
Flotsam: Poor, sweet, misunderstood child. You have got a very serious problem, haven`t you?
Who will ease her woes and worries?
Who will help her get her man?
Perhaps the Sea Witch can!
Ariel: Who?
Flotsam: She wants to help you.
Ariel: Take me to her.
Ursula: Don`t be shy, Ariel darling! Now tell me absolutely everything!
Ariel: I`m in love with a human.
Ursula: A prince, I hear. Well, the answer is simple, you`ve got to become human yourself!
Ariel: Can you do that?
Ursula: I have a spell that will turn you into a human for three days. Before the sun sets on the
third day, the Prince must kiss you. Then you`ll stay human forever.
Ariel: But if not.
Ursula: You will turn back into a mermaid and your soul will be mine. And my fee.
Ariel: But I don`t have any money.
Ursula: I`m not asking for much. Only your voice.
Ariel: But…..
Ursula: Do you want your prince or not?
Ariel: Yes!
Ursula: Now swim!!!!
Prince Eric: Miss, are you all right? You seem very familiar! It`s you! What`s your name?
Sore throat?
Oh, you don`t speak at all. I`m sorry. Come on now. The palace isn`t far.
Scene 10
Prince: Oh, Ariel dearest, I can`t believe you`ve been with us three whole days already!
Grimsby: The sun has nearly set, and your birthday will soon be over. You must choose a mate!
Prince Eric: I have, Grimsby! I`ve just been too blind to see. Come here, Ariel!
Ursula: Such a gorgeous sunset! And on the third day, too! Time`s up! You lose!
Prince Eric: Ariel!
Grimsby: My heavens!
Prince Eric: She jumped into the sea! I have to go after her!
Who are you? And what have you done with Ariel?
Ursula: Careful, princey-poo!
Prince Eric: Beware! King Triton rules over these seas!
Ursula: Not anymore!
Prince Eric: I won`t let you harm her!
Ursula: Ha!
Flotsam: Look out! The shell!
Ursula: You fool!
Prince Eric: You witch!
Flotsam: Get the shell!
Ursula and Flotsam: Ahhh!!!
Scene 11
King Triton: Ariel!
Adella, Allana: Ariel! Are you OK?
Adella: What happened to you?
Allana: You are not a mermaid any more!
Sebastian: Ariel! Are you all right, child?
Ariel: Yes, thank you for your help. Daddy, can you ever forgive me?
King Triton: You belong to his world now. The Prince is waiting for you. Go!
Ariel: Thank you, Daddy. Thank you so much.
King Triton: Just remember, when you hear the surf roar at night and fell the tingle of salt in the
air……. It`s only your father, checking in on his little girl.