Тест "Pride and Prejudice"

Pride and Prejudice
Based on the book by Jane Austin
1) What is the point of the conversation between Mr&Mrs Bennet?
- they are waiting for some guest
- they got a new neighbour
- their daughters are going to marry
2) How did Lizzy call Mr Darcy at first sight?
- a peacock - a pigeon - a penguin
3) Mrs Bennet thinks that the most beautiful girl in the country is…
- Lizzy - Jane - Lydia - Caroline
4) Jane got an invitation to dinner from…
- Lizzy - Charlotte Lucas - Caroline Bingly - Lydia
5) Why Jane got ill?
6) Who is Mr Collins?
7)According to Mr Wickham’s story…
- Mr Darcy & Mr Wickham are brothers
- Mr Darcy & Mr Wickham grew up together
- Mr Wickham’s father was a manager of Mr Darcy’s father
- Mr Wickham’s father left inheritance for Mr Wickham
- Mr Wickham is a poor lieutenant
8) Whom did Mr Collins make a proposal to?
9) Who approved Lizzy’s refusal to marry?
10) Dinner at Lady Catherine’s.
Who is Mr Darcy to Lady Catherine?
11) At the dinner they spoke about…
- Governess & up-bringing
- Girl’s skills of drawing & playing
- Good manners
- Famous books
12) What news did Lizzy know about Mr Darcy in the church?
- he loves her - he was poor -he ruined Jane’s marriage
- he was going to marry somebody
13) According to Mr Darcy’s story…
- Mr Darcy’s father loved Mr Wickhamas a son
- Mr Wickham refused to become a priest
- Mr Wickham gambled his inheritance
- Mr Wickham wanted to marry Georgiana
- Mr Wickham was in love with Lizzy
14) How old was Mr Darcy’s sister?
15) Lydia got married with…
- Mr Collins - Mr Darcy - Mr Wickham -Mr Bingly
16) Whom did Mr Bingly make a proposal to?
17) A talk to the father Lizzy told her father…
- About Mr Darcy’s help
- about her love to Mr Darcy
- to return money to Mr Darcy
- that they are so similar
18) What is the genre of the film?