Презентация "Game "10"" 8-11 класс

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  • Бражникова Татьяна Размиковна
  • Учитель английского языка
  • МБОУ СОШ №3 ст. Фастовецкая
10 scores Eggs and Bunnies
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket means:
          • Do not risk everything but placing too many
          • hopes on one job or project.
  • b. Do not hurt yourself by carrying one large load.
  • c. Breakable things should be wrapped and
  • carried in separate containers.
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20 scores Eggs and Bunnies
  • Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs means:
  • Do not make things too easy for others by
  • taking away challenges.
  • b. Do not ask a person to do something that is
  • unsafe or dangerous to them.
  • c. Do not try to teach someone who is older and
  • more experienced than you.
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30 scores Eggs and Bunnies
  • To have egg on one's face means:
  • a. To feel like a fool.
  • b. To visit a health spa.
  • c. To have a healthy glow.
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40 scores Eggs and Bunnies
  • To kill the goose that lays the golden egg means:
  • a. To prepare a feast to mark a special occasion.
  • b. To destroy something that is valuable or profitable to you.
  • c. To blame some who makes a very large and
  • embarrassing mistake.
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50 scores Eggs and Bunnies
  • The expression "If you run after two hares you will catch neither" means:
  • a. Greed results in failure.
  • b. Fitness is a big concern
  • c. You can not do two things well at the same
  • time.
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10 scores Christmas Traditions
  • What bird is cooked for Christmas dinner?
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20 scores Christmas Traditions
  • Where are the presents kept before opening them?
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30 scores Christmas Traditions
  • What kind of songs are sung?
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40 scores Christmas Traditions
  • Before electricity, these were put on the trees?
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50 scores Christmas Traditions
  • What is a common four letter abbreviation of Christmas?
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100 scores Idioms with Numbers
  • If you are dressed up to the ___ , you are wearing fancy clothes.
  • nines
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40 scores Idioms with Numbers
  • If you begin to draw conclusions about something, you put two and ___ together.
  • two
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60 scores Idioms with Numbers
  • If you understand immediately what someone is trying to say, they might say to you "Got it in ___ ."
  • one
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80 scores Idioms with Numbers
  • Things that are very cheap and common are ___ a penny.
  • ten
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20 scores Idioms with Numbers
  • Someone who looks out for number ___ is someone who only thinks about his or her interests.
  • one
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