Презентация "English Meals" 6 класс

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English Meals

Some of us like brown bread,

Some of us like white,

Some of us eat a lot of meat,

Some don’t think it’s right.

Some of us like apples,

Some drink juice at night,

Some of us eat many sweets,

Some don’t think it’s right.

Earl – граф

A gambler – азартный игрок

A servant – слуга

Victorian England – Англия во время правления королевы Виктории

Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 1 – 4, обведя букву A, B, C или D, соответствующую варианту ответа, который вы считаете наиболее правильным.

  • What kind of meal did the Earl’s of Sandwich servant invent?
  • A quick and convenient

    B very delicious

    C very good for health

    D junk food

  • What was one of the great traditions in Victorian England?
  • A make cucumbers sandwiches

    B cut the crusts off the bread

    C have 5 o’ clock tea

    D eat lots of sandwiches

  • What kind of sandwiches do people have today?
  • A very elegant

    B very big

    C with many slices of bread

    D much bigger than they used to be

            • Why do people like to have sandwiches for their meal?
            • A Because sandwiches are a typical ‘snack’ meal.

              B Because people can do sandwiches themselves.

              C Because sandwiches are easy and quick to cook.

              D Because people can buy sandwiches almost everywhere.

1.The Earl of Sandwich → in, England.

2. He → to, play, cards.

3. He →to, stop, playing, to, eat, a meal.

4. His servant → a quick, meal, for him.

5. Sandwiches → great, favorites , in, Victorian England.

6. Sandwiches →very, small, delicate.

7.The English → millions, of sandwiches, every, day.

8. They → easy , quick, to prepare.

9. You → buy, sandwiches, cafes, that, sell, them.

A: Hello, Can I help you?

B: Yes, please. I would like to have a meat- and -salad sandwich.

A: What about drinks?

B: A cup of coffee, please.

A: Sure. Anything else?

B: No, thank you.