Открытый урок "The place we live in" 5 класс

Открытый урок в 5 Классе на
«The place we live in»
Мирошниченко А.В.
2013 г.
Subject: “The place we live in.”
Objectives: to develop pupils’
skills in using lexical units on the
topic “Flat” and prepositions of place
in speech; to develop pupils’ skills in
reading and speaking; to develop
creative and inquisitive pupils’.
1. Org. moment
Good morning pupils’. Seat down please.
1. What date is it today?
2. What day of the week is it today?
3. What season is it?
4. Do you live in a flat or in a house?
5. Is your flat comfortable?
6. How many rooms are there in your flat\house?
7. What are they? Name them.
Thank you.
Teacher- Boys and girls, you have learned a lot of words on the topic “The
place we live in”. What do you think we shall speak about today?
Pupil1- I think we shall speak about flats and houses.
Teacher- Yes, you are right. We shall read the text about a very unusual house,
then we shall try to furnish a room and if we have time we shall have a
competition game. But first let’s revise the words and prepositions of place on
the topic The place we live in”.
2. Lexical drill.
a. Give English equivalents for: старый торшер, яркие занавеси, над
камином, прелестные картины, удобное кресло, наверху, книжный
шкаф, современный шкаф для посуды, много мебели, книжные полки.
b. Teacher- Now look