Конспект урока "My Favorite Leisure Activity" 9 класс

БОУ ТР ОО «Никольская СОШ»
Урок английского языка в 9-м классе по теме:
"My Favorite Leisure Activity"
Кононыхина Е.С.
2005 2006 год
Методическая цель: создание на уроке условий для интеллектуального и
эмоционального развития учащихся.
Познавательная цель: знакомство с культурой, традициями, реалиями
страны изучаемого языка.
Учебная цель: совершенствование речевых навыков.
Сопутствующие задачи: повторение Participles.
Речевой материал: лексический и грамматический материал, усвоенный на
уроках на рецептивном и продуктивном уровнях.
Оборудование: лексические таблицы.
Ход урока
1. Warm-up.
Good morning. How are you? Are you in a good mood? Are you tired? If you are
tired and sad, what is the best way of the recreation? I think it’s listening to music.
Now let’s listen to music. (Учащиеся слушают музыку).
- What do you think about this music?
(Учащиеся отвечают по уже известным схемам:
When I listen to this music it pictures in my mind…
When I listen to this music I remember…)
2. Introduction.
If you ask me, listening to music is the best recreation for me. It doesn’t matter
what music I listen to. But there are different types of leisure activities: watching
TV, going in for sports, reading books, meeting friends and others. Today we’ll
speak about some of them.
3. Follow up activities.
На доске:
Doing a sport
Going to the theatre
Going round a market
Going to a rock concert
Going to an opera
Reading a book
Growing flowers
Visiting an art gallery
Going to a disco club
or museum.
Look at the following list of leisure activities and let’s decide what the best
recreation for you is.
Use these phrases:
I really think that
In my opinion
I don’t agree
…the best recreation for us.
That’s right
It seems to me
4. Writing and interpretation.
Now number the types of the recreation in order of preferences from 1 (favorite) to
6 (least favorite).
Then compare your answers. Do you have similar tastes?
(Учащиеся работают по цепочке, задают вопросы:
What is your favorite leisure activity?
What is your least favorite leisure activity?)
5. Production.
Look at different opinions below decide which of the phrases you would say in
reply. Agree or disagree.
(Учащимся раздаются карточки. Используя фразы-клише, они должны
согласиться или не согласиться с данными высказываниями.)
I don’t think so *
That’s right *
Of course not *
I don’t agree *
1. MTV is a popular channel in Russia and in Britain.
2. The British read more newspapers than any other European country.
3. ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ is fantastic.
4. Reading is better than watching TV.
5. There is too much advertising on the telly.
6. I prefer classical music to pop music.
6. Discussing.
I’m sure that some of you like reading books about cowboys, others like watching
westerns. What do you like the best? Let’s have “a brainstorming session” in
groups. Make groups “Westerns” and “Books”. You are given sentences to help
with the discussion. Give your conclusions in the form of sentences. Also you
should use the opinion, agree or disagree phrases. Be polite, try to interrupt each
other politely.
Sorry to interrupt but*
I see what you mean but*
Just a minute*
I’m sorry but*
By the way*
Could I just say something?*
Предложения для команды “Westerns”
1. I prefer seeing westerns to reading about Indians.
2. You can’t deny that westerns are far more dynamic and thrilling.
3. Westerns show the male strength in fist fights, guns fighting’s and horse
riding skills, hardiness and courage.
4. Real manhood is shown in westerns.
Предложения для команды “Books”
1. There is nothing like reading.
2. It’s much more absorbing than abridged screen versions.
3. While reading your imagination is not restricted neither by actor’s
appearance nor by their way of doing thing.
4. I’m never satisfied with the screen versions, for the producer’s vision
seldom coincides with mine.
(Учащиеся высказываются по очереди. Та группа, которая скажет
предложение последней, выигрывает).
7. Review.
Do you and your partner have the same opinion about the following? Use the
correct form of the participle from the verbs in the box.
AB ex.8. , p. 35-36.
8. Writing.
You see some people are interested in music. They collect records, CDs and tape-
recordings of their favorite musicians and singers or attend concerts. Others are
fond of reading. They enjoy reading books. You know the proverb: Tastes differ.
What is your attitude to these leisure activities Complete the Word Web with the
words from the box.
wonderful, horrible, fascinating, unusual, terrific, disgusting, silly, rubbish,
fantastic, annoying, boring, terrible, wacky.
a) Choose one or more of these activities that you have done and describe the
experience. Why did /didn’t you enjoy it?
b) What kind of each activity that you like do you prefer? Give your comments.
c) Are there are any others, which are not on the list, that you like?
9. Pair work.
Work in pairs. Act out conversations between two friends discussing plans for the
evenings. (Учащиеся представляют диалоги по теме составленные дома).
1. I am visiting the Zoo on Sunday. I like to observe animals. There is a good
deal of them: lions, elephants, tigers, giraffes and many others. They are so funny.
- They are frightful. I don’t like wild animals. I am fond of pets.
- So am I. Animals are like people. One cannot offend them.
- If you don’t mind I am going with you to the Zoo.
- I don’t mind at all.
2. What are you going to do on Sunday?
- I have not settled yet.
- What about going to Grace’s warming party?
- Why not? A splendid idea!
- Agreed then.
- We’ll get in touch by telephone tonight. Right?
- See you tomorrow. Bye.
(Учащиеся разыгрывают диалоги).
Think over and speak about:
1. What is your favorite leisure activity?
2. What leisure activities are popular in your country (city, town, village)?
The lesson is over. Did you like it? We’ve spoken about many interesting things
today. I hope that you’re enjoyed our lesson.
You all work hard and your marks are…