Тест "Future Tenses" 8-9 класс

Тест по английскому языку «Future Tenses»
Данный тест проверяет умение правильно выбирать и употреблять
будущие времена (Future Indefinite, Future Continuous, Future Perfect,
Future Perfect Continuous) в соответствии с ситуацией общения. Из
вариантов ответа к каждому предложению необходимо выбрать
верную форму.
1.Don't wait for him, he won’t come for supper; he ..... late.
will come
is coming
will have come
2.By the time you come home you ..... everything I have told you.
will forget
will have forgotten
will be forgetting
3.Mother has given Sue some pocket money. But she is spending it very
quickly. So, by the end of the week she ..... all of it.
will be spending
will spend
will have spent
4.The house ..... for two hours when the firefighters finally arrive.
will have burnt
will be burning
is burning
5.My father is repairing our car. We hope that by Sunday he ..... it.
will repair
will be repairing
will have repaired
6.I won't give you a definite answer until I ..... from my bank.
will hear
have heard
7.If I ..... George tomorrow, I will tell him to come and see you.
am going to meet
will meet
8...... their luggage by the time the taxi comes?
will they have packed
will they
will they be packing
9.According to the weather forecast it ..... tomorrow all day long.
will be raining
will have rained
will rain
10.Ask Tom if he ..... in the chess tournament next week.
takes part
will take part
will be taking part
11.The dog will wait for his master near the door until his master ..... from
will get back
gets back
won’t get back
12.John has bought this TV set on credit. He ..... all the money by the first of
will have paid
is paying
will pay
13.Do you think you ..... here in a few years’ time?
you are still working
you will still be working
will you still be working
14.By this time next year Professor Smith ..... on the subject for five years.
will be lecturing
will lecture
will have been lecturing
15.She is in the country now and she ..... there for another week.
will stay
will have been staying
will be staying