Конспект урока "Attachments" 10 класс

Theme of the lesson: Attachments
Aims of the lesson:
To consolidate the unit language with a story
To integrate other areas of the curriculum into the English class
To develop the cross-curricular topic through a short project.
Talking about things in the present that started in the past
Procedure of the lesson
Stages and time management
Teacher`s activity
Pupils` activity and form of interaction
I.Organization moment (2 m)
Greetings , questions to the pupil on duty
Greet the teacher , answer the questions.
II. Phonetic drill(3 min)
Irregular verbs (textbooks)
Look, listen and repeat all together and then read
III. Main part
Let's begin our lesson! Look at the board Today we`ll speak on the topic-
1. Warm- up and actualization of knowledge - checking up the home work
2. Reading texts (cards)- Jig-Saw device (pupils work in pairs, read their texts,
then make their pert of the general cluster, present it and listen to the others`
presentations, make notes)
3. Revision of the grammar
Past Perfect (cards)
Texts about towns and cities
V. Reflexing
Review what we have studied today, home task-the rule at p.200, #6, p.204 put the
verbs into Past Perfect or Past Simple.
Estimations for the lesson.
Listen and speak, write down the h/t
Grammar: Present perfect with for and since
Reading: P58 Ex2. Read out the introduction to the dialogue and look at the
photos from 1900 and 1943. Ask students to indentify New York and to guess who
the people are. Don’t confirm or correct their answer yet. Play the recording while
students listen and read. Were their ideas correct? You could ask students for their
ideas about why these people emigrated to the USA in 1900 and to England in
Speaking: P59 Ex6. Listening and speaking. Look at the photos. If you have any
surfing enthusiasts in the class, ask them to name some good beaches for surfing.
Ask students to read the table and copy it into their notebooks. Ask them to pencil
in any information they think they know from the first listening. Play the recording
again. Students complete the information in the table. Look at the example and ask
students to answer the question.
P60-61 Ex1. Read out the words in the list. Set the time limit and ask students to
match the words with the pictures. Most of the words should be familiar or easy to
guess from other words that they know. Play the recording. Students listen and
check. Ex2. Ask students to read the words and say them quality to themselves.
Play the first part of the recording while students listen and read. Ask them to pick
out the word with the different vowel sound in each group. Play the recording
again. Ex3. Ask students to close their books. Explain the meaning of precious and
practice the pronunciation. Ask the question and play the recording. With books
closed students listen for the answer to the question.
Speaking and writing: P58-59 Ex1,3,4,5,7 Some of your students may come from
elsewhere themselves and others may know someone who comes from a different
part of the country or from abroad . ask as many of them a possible to contribute a
piece of information. You might like to start with or add some information about
your own family or friends.
P61 Ex4,5,6,7 Look at the example and ask students to complete the explanation.
Point out that ever with the present perfect means at any time up to now. Draw
attention to the remember. Box to revise superlative adjectives.
1) Summing up the lesson
Home task 8,p.28
2) Marking Today you were very active Did you like the lesson today? What
did you know from the lesson?
3) . The lesson was interesting. Thank you. And listen to you marks…
Conclusion. Stand up! The lesson is over.See you soon. Good - bye!