Конспект урока "Getting to know each other" 7 класс

Lesson plan
The theme of the lesson:
Getting to know each other
The aims and objectives
of the lesson:
a) educational
b) developing
c) cultural
to enrich pupil’s vocabulary, to enlarge their interest in learning foreign languages
and to write the test work, remember new words and give them more information’s
about test.
to develop pupil’s habits in speaking, reading and translating, to develop
communicative skills and abilities, to write the test
to bring up pupil’s interests, respect and love to foreign and native languages, to
educate them to respect their classmates
The type of the lesson:
New lesson
The methods of the lesson:
vocabulary method, method of explanation, comparing, completing, question-
response, bring storming
Visual aids of the lesson:
pictures, notebook, grammar table
Connected of the lesson
The procedure of the
Teacher’s activity
Student’s activity
І. Organization moment
- greeting; - to check the attendance of pupils;
-to pay pupils attention to the lesson;
-to check the preparation of the lesson and to
introduce the test
- greeting;
-acting on duty;
-to prepare for the lesson;
- doing the test work
ІІ. Checking up the home
(teacher checks the homework on the pupil’s
copybooks and some pupils will write it on the
Pupils will write it on the
III. Explaining new
a) work on new words
Сөздік жумыс
жад, ec - memory елшілік - embassy
Америка Құрама Штаттары - The United States of
America Италия - Italy Канада – Canada
Франция - France Гастинт - Hastings
Exercise 4 Read the text and find the new words in
the text.
Hello! I'm Anna Saxby. I'm pleased to welcome you
to the English lesson. I'm one of your English tutors
of the Embassy School of English in Hastings. I'm
36. I come from Hastings in the United Kingdom.
Hastings is a beautiful seaside town in the south of
England. Now I work in Almaty at your school.
1.Work with memory map
Exercise 5 Write out the sentences in the Present
Perfect Tense form the text (exercise 4).
Read the Grammar Reference (Unit one).
I have been a teacher for 6 years; I've met school
children from different countries. I've visited the
USA, Canada, Italy and France
to write down
test work
Read the dialogue
good reading and translation
write the for examples about
your friend
write your answers
talk your partner
Doing the grammar
b) tasks for the
development of cognitive
If pupils make mistakes teacher will correct them
Ex 1-5
Ex 6
Ex 7-9
IV. Consolidation of the
new lesson
To consolidate the lesson by asking questions or
Pupils answer the question
or translate
V. Homework
Ex 7 Ex 10
VІ. Evaluation
Pupils you are very activity today, your marks are 5,
4, …
They’ll bring their diaries to
the teacher to their marks
VII. The end of the lesson
-The lesson is over -Good-bye pupils
-Good-bye teacher.