Презентация "Toying with the Past" 6 класс

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Good morning! If many men knew    What many men went    If many men went    Where many men go,    If many men did    What many men do,    The world would be better    I think so, don’t you? TOYING WITH THE PAST Gymnastics for eyes Look left, right Look up, look down Look around. Look at your nose Look at that rose Close your eyes Open, wink and smile. Your eyes are happy again. Toys and games Victorian Britain This alphabet/spelling game (1850) had letters that stacked inside the box. A jack-in-the-box. Victorians loved mechanical and 'surprise' toys, like this one. Jigsaw puzzles were popular. This puzzle, made in 1870, shows people riding bicycles - a new craze. A Noah's Ark, from the 1830s. The ark and the animals are made from wood. This 1845 picture shows children playing 'battledore and shuttlecock'. Modern badminton developed from this game. A rocking horse. A toy like this was too expensive for most families. But poor children might play with a home-made wooden horse. Toy-makers advertised their toys and games. This is an advertisement for a boxed game of jacks, or fivestones. Relaxing break Cup and ball Goodbye The lesson is over