Презентация "Means of communication through the centuries. English is the language of the world communication" 8 класс

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«Means of communication through the centuries. English is the language of the world communication»
  • Открытый урок по теме
  • Кауфман К.И. «Happy English.ru»
  • для 8 класса
  • Учитель английского языка
  • Махмутова Фания Хаварисовна
  • МАОУ «Базарно-Матакской СОШ»
  • Алькеевского района РТ
  • Objectives:
  • - to generalize our knowledge on this question
  • - to get to know with something new for us
  • - to practise vocabulary and grammar studied in this module
  • - to check and consolidate speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
When the English tongue we speak,
  • When the English tongue we speak,
  • Why is BREAK not rhymed with WEAK?
  • Will you tell me why it’s true,
  • We say SEW, but likewise FEW ?
  • And the maker of a verse
  • Can’t rhyme his HORSE and WORSE
  • CORD is different from WORD.
  • COW is COW, but LOW is LOW,
  • SHOE is never rhymed with TOE.
  • Wherefore DONE, but GONE and LONE.
  • Is there any reason known?
  • And in short it seems to me
  • Sound and letters disagree.
  • Means of communication
  • To take smth for granted
  • Nowadays
  • Anyway
  • They say
  • To contribute to smth
  • To interrupt smb/ smth
  • Such as
  • Formation
  • The Vikings
  • The Anglo-Saxons
  • The Romans
  • The Normans
  • Answer these questions:
  • 1. What did people do to tell other generations about their culture when
  • they didn’t have the alphabet?
  • 2. What did people do to send their letters when they didn’t have post offices?
  • 3. What did people do to send quick messages when they didn’t have
  • the telephone and the telegraph?
  • Alphabet
  • Letters
  • Telegraph
  • Telephone
  • Computer (e-mail)
Ink Alphabet Letters Telegraph Telephone Computers, e-mails
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Listen to the speaker and answer :
  • Which language contributed to English the least/ the most?
  • Test
  • Which means of communication
  • is the oldest?
  • a) Computer b) telephone c) alphabet d) telegraph
  • e) letters
  • 2. Who invented paper?
  • a) Chinese b) Japanese c) the Eglish
  • 3. Who invented the alphabet?
  • a) the Jews b) Greeks c) the Egyptians
  • 4. Who invented the stamp?
  • a) the English b) the Russians c) the Americans
  • 5. Who invented the telephone?
  • a) Telephone b) Popov c) A.G.Bell
  • 6. Who invented the telegraph?
  • a) A.G.Bell b) Samuel Morse c) Mary Telegraph
  • 7. Who invented the e-mail?
  • a)the Americans b) the Russians c) the Germans
  • Reading for detail
  • A The roots of the English language
  • B English is the language of computers
  • and business.
  • C English is the language of communication
  • D English is popular because it is the language of America
  • E Learning foreign languages is not an
  • easy thing.
Role play
  • Role play
  • Why is English so popular ?
Say whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:
  • Say whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:
  • English is spoken in all countries of the world.
  • If you are a stranger in any part of the world English will help you.
  • Everyone in Britain speaks the King’s or Queen’s English.
  • Received Pronunciation isn’t still important in Great Britain.
  • Nobody in Great Britain will care about your mistakes.
  • The problem of learning English for the purpose of communication is especially urgent in our country today.
  • Ex. 2, 3, 4, p.51 (WB)
  • This is part of a letter from your English pen-friend.
  • … My father was ordered a good job in Canada. Our family is going to move there. What can I do? Do you advise me to go abroad? What do you think of changing your native country for abroad? Are there any working foreigners in Russia? Where would you go if you have a chance to change your native city?
  • I have some ideas for the following holidays.
  • Write back soon with your advice.
  • Best wishes,
  • Mary
  • Write a letter to Mary
  • In your letter
  • answer her questions expressing your opinion about living and working abroad
  • ask 3 questions about arrangements of summer holidays
  • Write 100-140 words.
  • Remember the rules of letter writing
  • Conclusion
  • Отсканированные материалы из учебника Кауфмана К.И. “Happy English.ru” 8 класс
  • УМК Кауфман К.И. “Happy English.ru” 8 класс
  • Брюсова Н.Г. “English for Fun-1” 7-11 класс : учебное пособие
  • Единый государственный экзамен 2010. Английский язык. Учебно-тренировочные материалы для подготовки учащихся/ Москва:Интеллект-Центр, 2010