Методическая разработка "Let’s speak English" 7 класс

МБОУ «Татарская гимназия №11» Советского района г. Казани
Методическая разработка
Открытого внеклассного мероприятия
«Lets speak English»
Разработала: Сафина Расима Ахматхановна,
учитель английского языка
I квалификационной категории
Название: «Lets speak English».
Форма проведения: игра-соревнование.
Класс: 7
Обучающая: активизация пройденного материала по теме «Изучение
английского языка»
Развивающая: способствовать развитию интереса к иностранному языку, как
средству общения, расширение кругозора.
Воспитательная: воспитание толерантности и культуры общения на
английском языке.
Оформление: стенгазета на английском языке «English», карточки с
английскими пословицами, скороговорками.
Музыкальное оформление: аудиокассеты.
Оснащение: магнитофон, визитные карточки, картинки, интерактивная доска
Участники: 2 ведущих, 2 команды участников, группа поддержки, жюри.
Литература: Нестандартные уроки и внеклассные мероприятия на английском языке, Е.В.
Дзюина. – М.: ВАКО, 2011 год; Предметные недели в школе. Английский язык, Л.В.
Васильева. – Волгоград: Учитель, 2004 год; Enjoy English 7 класс, Биболетова М.З.,
Трубанева Н.Н. – Обнинск: Титул, 2010 год.
План игры-соревнования «Lets speak English»
1.Вступительное слово преподавателя английского языка.
2.Основная часть. Литературно-музыкальный монтаж.
3.Конкурсная программа.
4.Подведение итогов. Награждение победителей.
5.Заключение. Поздравление с Наступающим Новым Годом.
6.Исполнение песни «Happy New Year» шведской группы «ABBA»
Сценарий мероприятия «Lets speak English»
Teacher: Good afternoon my dear boys! Good afternoon my dear girls! How are you? Glad to hear
that you are fine. I’m happy to greet you at our English party. Today we shall have a talk about
English as a language of the world, find out why learning and speaking English is useful for you and
have a competition in English. First, I’d like to introduce my assistants to you. So meet … . She’ll
be one of the narrators.
The 1
narrator: Hello, everybody! I’m … . (Рассказ о себе)
Teacher: And now meet … . She’ll be the 2
The 2
narrator: Good afternoon! My name is … . (Рассказ о себе)
Teacher: Let me introduce our jury. They are … .
So, we will start. First I want you to answer my questions. Be active and give full answers.
-What languages do you speak? (I speak English, Russian and Tatar.)
-Are you proud of to be Russian? (Yes, I’m. I’m proud of to be Russian)
-Can you name English-speaking countries? (They are Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New
Zealand, the USA and others.)
-What the most frequently spoken language do you know? (The most frequently spoken languages in
the world are Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish, Russian and others.)
-What are the six working languages of the United Nations? (They are English, Chinese, Arabic,
Russian and Spanish.)
-Why is it important to learn English nowadays? (It is important to learn English nowadays because
every educated person must know it.)
-Do you like English as a foreign language? I think you do, because you’ve got only good marks in
The 1
narrator: Yes, we do.
Teacher: Why?
The 1
narrator: Well, because it’s a very nice language. I like the way it sounds. This language is
spoken all over the world now. It’s the language of international communication, isn’t it …?
The 2
narrator: Yes, it is. English is the major international language of communication in such
areas as science, technology, business and mass entertainment. It is one of official languages of the
United Nations Organization and other political organizations, international tourism.
The 1
narrator: I fully agree with you. The international contacts with all the other countries in all
the spheres of science, technology and life are steadily growing. That’s why foreign languages are a
necessity for the representatives of all the walks of our society. Everybody learns English now: kids,
pupils, students, adults, businessmen etc.
The 2
narrator: Yes, English is taught everywhere now: at every school, every college or
university and even at some nursery schools. Little children are obtaining an elementary knowledge
of English there. They play and learn.
Teacher: By the way, do you remember «The more we are together» What about singing this song
together? Let’s make a circle and sing it. Girls will you join our company?
Исполнение песни «The more we are together».
The 1
narrator: Oh, it’s great! I like to listen and sing English songs. This is one of them. It used
to be very popular last year. It’s «Euphoria» by Swedish singer Loreen.
Прослушивание фрагмента песни.
The 2
narrator: Oh, yes, English is really language of modern music. Every singer or a group
must sing English if they want to be famous throughout the world. The same is true about Russian
singers. Remember «Believe me» by Dima Bilan, who won the first price at the international
«Eurovision» contest in 2008, or «What if» by Dina Garipova, who won the project «Voice» and
took part in «Eurovision» this year.
The 1
narrator: Fantastic! English is also the language of world literature. Everybody knows such
names as: William Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, George Gordon Byron, Ernest
Hemingway, Daniel Defoe, Sir Walter Scott, Jack London, Edgar Po, Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury,
Agatha Christie and many others.
Teacher: And what book do you read now?
The 1
narrator: We are reading «Harry Potter».
Teacher: Who wrote it?
The 1
narrator: Joanne Rowling, a famous British writer.
Teacher: Will you tell us just a few words about him?
The 1
narrator: Willingly. (information about the author)
Teacher: Are you tired, friends? What about having a rest? Let’s relax and sing a song «My bonnie»
(a Scottish folk-song).
Совместное исполнение песни “My bonnie».
Teacher: And now I suggest we have a competition of two teams. It’s time to find out the names of
your teams. The first is called … (in chorus) «…!» The second-(in chorus) «…!»
Tasks of the contest
I. Try to solve the following riddles. Raise your hands if you know the right answer.
1. It has no wings, but it can fly away. (A balloon)