Brain-Ring "Masters of English" 10-11 класс

Brain-Ring “Masters of English”
Формирование коммуникативной компетенции.
научить владеть полученной суммой знаний, применяя их в нестандартных ситуациях;
формирование учебно-познавательной и социокультурной компетенции учеников;
формирование коммуникативных навыков говорения;
расширение межпредметных знаний, кругозора учащихся
привить навыки саморазвития, акцентируя речевую культуру, аналитическую
потребность, память, логическое мышление;
развитие внимания, воображения учащихся;
развитие творческих талантов учащихся;
развитие потребности дальнейшего самообразования в области иностранных языков
формирование доброжелательного отношения и толерантности к культуре и традициям
представителей других стран;
формирование познавательных интересов учащихся, мотивации к изучению
иностранных языков;
формирование навыков самоконтроля, навыков групповой деятельности,
сотрудничества в обстановке, взаимопонимания в отношении к своим сверстникам;
формирование культуры общения и поведения;
Оснащение- карточки с заданиями, доска, мел, картинки.
Тип урока- внеклассное занятие
Методы обучения-
метод эмоционального стимулирования;
метод иллюстраций и самоконтроля;
дедуктивный и практический методы;
Формы организации- командная игра, фронтальная, групповая, парная работа
Ход урока
Welcome, everybody, in our competition the Masters of English! The Masters of English is an
intellectual game when you answer questions, do different tasks racking your brains.
Let’s form two teams. You should choose your captain. Each captain must introduce his or her
team, that is, say its name. Thank you, they were quite original.
So today we have six categories: 1. An expert of English-speaking countries, 2. The Lord of
synonyms 3. The ruler of Grammar kingdom 4. The Maker of History 5. ”Let’s go!” 6. Read and
Each category has different number of questions. If your answer is correct you get a point, if
your answer is not correct the other team has a chance to give an answer
Are you ready to start?
Warm-up “Let’s choose a Leader”
Of course we start our competition with Brainstorming! There are 8 balloons on the blackboard.
There is a task in each balloon. You have to choose the balloon, read the question and answer it.
Team, which gives the correct answer, will get a chance to choose a category for the next round
The questions are easy and difficult at the same time, because they are riddles. So be attentive,
please. Every correct answer will earn the team 1 point.
1. There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white
house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?
2. Look at my face and you see somebody
Look at my back and you see nobody. (A mirror.)
3. All about, but cannot be seen,
Can be captured, cannot be held,
No throat, but can be heard. (Wind)
4. Lighter than what
I am made of,
More of me is hidden
Than is seen. (Iceberg)
5. What is found over your head but under your hat? (Hair)
6. What can you catch but not throw? (a cold)
7. It is not a man, it is not a woman, but it teaches us. (a book)
8. The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?. (Darkness)
Well done! Now we are ready to our main part! Please choose the category.
Task 1. An expert of English-speaking countries
In this task you should answer the questions about English-speaking countries. The captain of the
team…please choose the number from 1 to 12.
1. Give the full name of the UK (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
2. Name the parts of the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)
3. Tell the name of the city that has the nickname "Big Apple". (New York)
4. In Russia we have rubles, and in Britain there is (pounds)
5. Give the name of place in London, where the famous tennis competitions take place.
6. Under what king did the Knights of the Round Table gather together? (Author)
7. What flower is a symbol of England? ( Rose)
8. What Americans celebrate on the 4 th of July? (Independence Day)
9. What is the color of taxi in London? ( Black)
10. Name the official residence of the Queen in London. (Buckingham palace)
11. Who was the first president of the United States? (George Washington)
12. What do children usually say at Halloween? (trick or treat)
Thank you very much for you answers. Now the leader is the team… I believe you have become
the real expert of English-speaking countries. But we continue our little competition. Team..
choose the next category..
Task 2 The Lord of synonyms
In this task you should call the synonym of the given word. First please choose the number from
1 to 16.
1. Average. (typical)
2. Energetic. (active)
3. Shy. (timid, bashful)
4. Come in. (enter)
5. Concrete jungle. (city)
6. Quarrel. (argue about)
7. High. ( tall)
8. Untidy (dirty)
9. Inherit (come into)
10 Every. (each)
11 Lonely. (separated, alone, lonesome)
12. Still. (yet)
13. Shout. (cry, yell, scream)
14. Deal ( manage, handle)
15. Damage ( destroy)
16. Sick (ill)
Very good. I am very glad to see that you know many synonyms. And the team… is the lord of it.
Now the next stage! The Team… it’s your time to choose.
Task 3 . The ruler of Grammar kingdom
In this stage you should find grammar mistakes in sentences and correct them. As usual the losing team
choose the number from 1 to 15.
1. I asked to bring me a milk and sandwiches for breakfast
2. I doesn’t like boxing as it is a very dangerous sport.
3. It’s no good arguing on it, the decision is final.
4. The class came down some great games for the party.
5. You should be ashamed by your behaviour.
6. Try to keep a sense from humour and a positive attitude.
7. “Stress” is the way our bodies and minds reacts to life’s changes.
8. He is a shy person who never gets close on others.
9. I have some friends who wants me to tell lies to my parents.
10. We came on a beautiful antique table at the market.
11. He is used to live in a small flat, but now he lives in a large house.
12. Why are you running when I saw you yesterday?
13. It’s not easy, but I used to the noise.
14. Getting enough sleep, exercising and eating regular are all essential for coping by stress.
I see that grammar is your strong\weak side. But maybe you will show up themselves in other categories.
The Team… choose the category.
Task 4 The Maker of History
Are you good at making up stories? Let’s check it! In this stage you should continue a story. I
tell you the beginning of it and the first group continues it with one sentence, and then the second
group adds the third sentence. You will be the winner if the other group cannot continue the
story or if you are more creative than your rivals.
Well, I begin the story.
Once upon a time lived a little sock whose name was Pick. He was absolutely alone with no
friends and family…
I believe, everyone agrees with me that Team… was the most creative. My congratulations!
Ok. Now you are almost ready to become the kings of Brain-ring! We have two more categories.
The team… your turn.
Task 5 « Let’s go!”
Choose one card. You will find a task for your team in it.
1 card. You are to make up a dialogue in which you have to invite your rivals to the
Halloween Party by all means.
You will be the winner if you make them accept your invitation.
2 card. Your rivals are trying to invite you to the Halloween party but you don’t want to
go. Find any polite ways to refuse.
You will be the winner if you make them to give up and stop persuading you.
It was excellent\not good. And then is our last task. Be very attentive!
Task 6 Read and Explain.
Our last category is called Read and Explain.
In this category one student from each team should choose one card from 6 different cards. Then
you try to explain what word you see in the card but not telling it. Is everything clear? OK, let’s
The Internet
Green Peace
To have respect for smb.
Our best congratulations to Team ______ and its captain. They are the winners of the contest.
Don’t worry if you are not the first. Only one team can be first. Let me thank all participants of
the competition. Also there are some presents for you. Thank you very much and good-bye.
Рефлексивный анализ внеклассного мероприятия
Основной целью этого мероприятия было формирование
коммуникативной компетенции учащихся. На мероприятии передо мной
стоял также ряд задач: научить владеть полученной суммой знаний,
применяя их в нестандартных ситуациях; формирование учебно-
познавательной и социокультурной компетенции учеников; формирование
коммуникативных навыков говорения; расширение межпредметных знаний,
кругозора учащихся.
В ходе внеклассного мероприятия все поставленные задачи были
достигнуты. Дети не только закрепили уже имеющиеся у них знания, но и
получили много новой интересной информации.
Важно отметить, что тема внеклассного мероприятия заинтересовала
учащихся, они с удовольствием решали поставленные перед ними задачи и
показали хорошую осведомленность по теме. Особенно им понравилось
задание, в котором они должны были по одному предложению продолжить
рассказ. Они оживленно выдумывали продолжение истории, советуясь с друг
другом и предлагая наиболее неожиданные повороты событий. Ребята
получили настоящее удовольствие от внеклассного мероприятия, так как он
был проведен в игровой форме, дети были разделены на команды, и желание
выиграть стимулировало их активность и стремление выполнить все задания
как можно лучше и быстрее.
Я считаю, что мероприятие было в целом успешным. На нем были
выполнены все задачи, дети повторили ранее изученный материал, улучшили
навыки работы в команде, монологическую и диалогическую речь.