План урока "Electronic equipment & problems" 10 класс

Spotlight 10-8b
Lesson plan
I. Warm up
- We spent the previous lessons talking about useful high tech gadgets.
- Today, I’ve got some questions for you to answer
What kinds of useful machines do you own?
Do you use them every day?
Do you think technology helps us?
Do you think technology just causes problems?
Do the gadgets improve your life?
II. Homework check
Today, perhaps, we could begin with your homework on vocabulary.
- so will you please read the sentences (SB 165-2) & say which of the gadgets you
are more likely to use at home or at work (SB 165-3)
- Well done!
III. Presentation (BOARD)
- Now have a look at the board.
- Phone battery is dead
- No Internet connection
- The signal is poor
- The paper is jammed
- Judging by these expressions, could you tell me, what we are going to deal with at
today’s lesson? (problems with electronic equipment)
- Excellent!
IV. Vocabulary
- Now have a look at the pictures on p 142, ex 1
- The owners of these clever machines can come across some problems while using them.
- There’s a list of problems in ex 1. Could you match them with the objects?
- This time you are to think of any electronic equipment you or your family have had
problems with. Would you tell us what the problem was & how you solved it?
V. Listening 142-2
- Let’s get down to listening
- Could you please read the sentences in 2a (St1, St2, St3,…..)
- Can you guess where the conversation takes place? I think the dialogue takes place in a
shop that sells electronic equipment.
- What is the conversation about? It’s about a problem someone has with a digital camcorder
they bought.
- Now in pairs have a try & complete the dialogue with the given sentences
- Listen & check
- Read the dialogue about a customer & a shop assistant
VI. Grammar practice
- Now it’s high time to move on to grammar.
- Do you remember what section of grammar we are dealing with these days?
- Perhaps we could start with ex 3 on p 144 (HW)
- You are doing a good job! Keep it up & do some more exercises (Worksheets on Indirect
VII. Setting homework
- You’ve done good job today
- Can you give me a rundown of what we’ve been doing at today's lesson?
To do this, will you finish up the sentence:
During today’s lesson I have
got acquainted with…
found out…
- HT SB 165-1
SB 180-1,2