Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс

Lexical-Grammar test№19 Form 9
I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.
Dear Jo,
Well, I_______________1.(arrive) safely two weeks ago. The flight
________________ 2. (be) fine, but a bit long. I________________3. (watch) two
films and________________4.(eat) two breakfasts! Thank you for everything.
I_______________5.(have) a really good time with you in London. I hope
you________________6.(enjoy) it too. Everything here is very different from
London. I ________________ 7.(write) this letter outside in the garden sitting
under a big umbrella. The sun _______________8. (be) very hot today. They say
hot weather ________________9.(last) here for nearly a month already. I know we
________________10.(have) some sunny days in London but I also remember
it_______________11.(rain) there quite a lot too! It was difficult for me to start
work after my wonderful holiday, but it's OK now. You know, I
_______________12. (work) in a new department since
I_______________13.(arrive) home and it's interesting. I_______________
14.(have) a new manager now, and that's good because the old
one_______________15.(be) horrible. You _______________16. (like) rock
music? My brother who ________________17.(be) a drummer
________________ 18.(join) a new group lately. He ______________19.(practise)
in his bedroom at the moment and it's quite loud! I_______________20.(send) just
you some of his cassettes. I hope you like them. By the way, you
_______________21.(find) a black leather photo album? I think
I_______________22.(leave) it in the bedroom. Could you send it to me
sometime? No hurry. Please write soon and thank you again for a wonderful time.
Love Chris.
II. Put in articles and prepositions where necessary.
(1)_____construction (2)_____(3)_____Channel Tunnel was perhaps
(4)_____most incredible engineering project (5)_____(6)_____20th century.
(7)_____fact its completion was called (8)_____"technical triumph". However,
(9)_____first proposal to build (10)_____channel tunnel appeared (11)_____ 1802
when Albert Mathieu (12)_____French engineer, presented (13)_______plan
(14)_______two tunnels to cross "La Manche". (15)_______historians say that
Napoleon was interested (16)_______this plan. There were many
(17)_______other plans to build (18)_______tunnel but unfortunately all
(19)_______ them failed.
III. Rewrite the sentences using the word in bold.
1. How fantastic the view is! what
2. Beth was fond of rock'n'roll when she was younger. used
3. What is your weight? much
4. Did you enjoy the party? time
5. Don't touch any of the papers on the table! not
6. Jane doesn't look as sad as Mary. looks
7. What's the price of your new watch? does
8. There aren't many pears in the basket. only
9. Tim is as tall as Brian. the same
The boys____________________________________________
IV. Choose the correct word in the sentences.
1. The kids have done/made a terrible mess!
2. I'm becoming increasingly worrying/worried about the quality of TV
3. It's very unpolite/impolite to make rude gestures at people.
4. When he is nervous, his hands shiver/shake.
5. The teacher asked the students to read the text loud/aloud in class.
6. It took us almost four hours to reach/get to London.
7. The cinema is right on the corner. You can't lose/miss it.
8. I grew up in a small town on the south bank/coast of England.
9. He's a very alive/lively child who doesn't sit still for one minute.
V. Translate the Russian words into English.
1. Don't________________(лежи) in the sun so long.
2. Mary wrote a note to_______________(сказать) me she couldn't come.
3. Do you feel as________________(плохо) as yesterday?
4. I'll _______________ (сделаю) my best but I can't promise
5. Before you buy a boat, you ought to______________________ (научиться)
6. I think there is________________(нет) enough food for all of us.
7. Do you happen to know who _______________(сделал) those marks on the
8. I'm sorry to say but Haydn did very_______________(плохо) in his History
9. I had___________(едва) closed my eyes when the phone rang.
10. Actually, his absence doesn't___________(делать) much difference.
11. These gloves don't_______________ (подходят) me well. Have you got a
larger size?
12. It doesn't_______________(подходит) you to wear your hair in a knot.
13. You don't_______________(ожидаешь) me to do this work in a day, do you?
14. He is not used to_______________(говорить) in public.
15. I'll_______________(отвезу) you home in my car.
VI. Spot one error in each sentence and write down the correct sentence.
1. The test is enough easy to be done in half an hour.
2. Who did assist him in completing the experiment?
3. He was a little disappointing when he didn't get the job.
4. He asked why hadn't Tom come to the party.
5. The water in the river wasn't enough clean to swim in.
6. I look forward to hear from you as soon as possible.
7. Neither Fred or Paul is good at playing chess.
8. His parents let him doing what he liked.
9. He doesn't approve of the whole thing, and so do I.
VII. Word formation. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word
given at the end.
1. He left me with no … but to disqualify him.CHOOSE
2. She gave me a very … look when she saw that I wasn't wearing the correct
3. She became more and more … as time went by.ANXIETY
4. One of the … sat down in front of the lorry and refused to move.
5. The telephone service was very … and we spent hours trying to make a single
6. There's a … of highly-skilled engineers so we might have difficulty getting the
work done.SHORT
7. As her only … relative, he expects to inherit all her money.SURVIVE
8. I consider him to be one of our greatest … poets.LIFE
9. The sea defenses need to be … before the winter to reduce the risk of
10. It is an … fact that children watch too much TV.DENY
1)1.Arrived, 2.was, 3. watched, 4.ate, 5.had, 6. enjoyed, 7.am writing, 8. is, 9.has
lasted, 10. have, 11. rains, 12. have been working, 13.arrived, 14.am having,
15.was, 16.Do you like…? 17.is, 18. has joined, 19.is practising, 20. have just sent,
21.Did you find…? 22.left.
2)1.the 2. Of 3. The 4. The 5. Of 6.the 7.in 8. - 9.the 10.a 11.in 12.a 13.a
14. Of 15. 16.in 17.- 18.a 19.of
3)1.What fantastic view! 2.Beth used to be fond of rock’n’roll when she was
younger. 3.How much do you weigh? 4.Did you have a good time? 5.You
mustn’t touch any of the papers on the table. It’s forbidden. 6.Mary looks less sad
than Jane. 7.How much does your new watch cost? 8.There are only a few pears
in the basket. 9.The boys are of the same height
4)1.made 2.worried 3.impolite 4.shake 5.aloud 6.get 7.miss 8.coast 9.lively
5)1.lie 2.tell 3.bad 4.do, anything. 5.learn 6.not 7.has done 8.badly 9.hardly
10.make 11.fit 12.suit 13.expect 14.speak 15.take
6)1. The test is easy enough to be done in half an hour.
2. Who assisted him in completing the experiment?
3. He was a little disappointed when he didn’t get the job.
4. He asked why Tom hadn’t come to the party.
5. The water in the river wasn’t clean enough to swim in.
6. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
7. Neither Fred nor Paul is good at playing chess.
8. His parents let him do what he liked.
9. He doesn’t approve of the whole thing, and neither do I.
7) 1. choice 2. Disapproving 3. anxious 4. demonstrators 5. unreliable
6. shortage 7. Surviving 8. Living 9. Strengthened 10. undeniable