Презентация "Articles with geographical names" скачать бесплатно

Презентация "Articles with geographical names"

Подписи к слайдам:
Вставьте определенные артикли

  • Articles with geographical names.
  • THE is not used with the names of:
  • Continents (South America)
  • Cities (New York)
  • Islands (Jamaica)
  • Lakes (Lake Union)
  • A lot of countries (France, Russia)
  • Some mountain picks (Mt.Everest)

  • Articles with geographical names.
  • THE is used with the names of:
  • Mountain range (the Alps)
  • The group of Islands (the Hawaiian Islands)
  • The group of lakes (the Great Lakes)
  • Rivers, channels, straits (the Volga, the Panama channel, the Gulf of Mexico, the Straits of Gibraltar)
  • Desert (the Gobi Desert)
  • Oceans and seas (the Atlantic ocean, the Caspian sea)
  • Regions (the Midwest)
  • Countries with the name: federation, kingdom, state (the USA, the UK, the Russian Federation)
  • Countries has plural form of name (the Netherlands)

Вставьте определенные артикли

  • …Murray and …Darling are…Australian greatest rivers.
  • A number of short rivers flow from… Australian Alps and…Blue mountains into…Pacific Ocean.
  • …New Zealand consists of 13 large islands:...North Island, …South Island and…Steward Island.
  • …Wellington is the capital of…New Zealand.

Составьте из данных слов предложения, вставляя артикли там, где это необходимо

  • River, in, Thames, England, the deepest, is.
  • Ocean, Sea, is, Kingdom, North, and, washed, United, Sea, Atlantic, by, Irish.
  • Can, you, forests, mountains, deep, extensive, see, in, States, heavy, and, high, United, and, deserts, canyons.
  • Biggest, on Glasgow, Clyde, stands, Scotland’s, city.
  • Russia, flat, is, mostly, relief, the, of.

  • River, Darling, in, is, Australian, longest.
  • Heavy, is, with, Siberia, covered, forests.
  • Many, from, animals, America, attract, Australia, unique, and, of, Europe, tourists.
  • Baikal, very, types, and, live, there, water, is, fish, and, many, in, clear, of, plants.
  • Lakes, people, holidays, like, spend, of, Karelia, here, who, rich, in, fishing, are, their, and, fish, many.

Проверка полученных первичных знаний. Test

  • Los Angeles is in …USA.
  • A) a    B) the     C)----
  • 2) I often dream of fishing in the rivers of …..Russian Federation.
  • A) a      B) the     C)-----------   
  • 3)……India  will always  be the best place in the world.                                  
  • A) a    B) the  C) -----------
  •    4) ……Australia  is famous for kangaroos.
  •   A) ---- B) a     C) the
  •   5)  Who had not heard of …..Mississippi?
  •   A)  a    B)  the       C)-----
  •   6)   My friend comes from the UK or ….Great Britain.
  •   A) the     B)--- C)  a                                                      
  • The capital of ….Canada is ….Ottawa.
  •  A) a         B) the        C)----
  • 8)    ……Russia is the largest country in the world.
  •  A)  the         B)a       C)------
  • 9) Welcome to ….. Greece  for summer.
  •   A) a      B)  the        C)-------
  • 10)   …..UK  is smaller than France.
  •  A) a     B) the         C)-----  

Заполните пропуски, вставьте одно из данных в скобках слов в нужной форме.

  • Russia is located on two…(island, plain, coast)
  • The USA is washed by the Pacific …in the West. (coast, desert, ocean)
  • The Highlands of Scotland are among the oldest…in the world. (wood, mountain, canyon)
  • Edinburgh Castle was built on a high…. (forest, canyon, hill)
  • The north and the west of Great Britain are… (deep, mountainous, flat)

  • The Black sea …is very good place for summer holydays in our country. (coast, range, island)
  • There are many…in Siberia. (desert, ocean, forest)
  • I like to go for a walk when the weather is … (sunny, useless, vast)
  • South Wales is a land of…hills and wide valleys. (extensive, high, huge)

Переведите предложения на английский язык

  • Соединенное королевство-это островное государство.
  • Соединенные штаты Америки омываются Атлантическим океаном и Тихим океаном на Западе.
  • Озеро Байкал – это одно из самых больших озер в России.
  • Кенбара- столица Австралии.

  • Перепишите слова в две колонки: с артиклем и без него.
  • New York Great Britain Chicago
  • Baltic sea Torres Strait Niagara Falls
  • Lake Onega Pacific Ocean Urals
  • Bering Sea UK Texas
  • Caspian Sea Simpson Desert Siberia
  • Australia Philadelphia Laptev Sea
  • Berlin Bass Strait Indian Ocean

This student is talking about the influence of geography on the national character. He thinks that…

  • his mother likes compromise because she is British.
  • in spite of geography people are alike.
  • his father’s ancestors were Americans, that’t why he is risk-taking.