Конспект урока "Мы ответственны за нашу планету Земля" 7 класс

План урока по учебнику автора В. П. Кузовлева
«Английский язык, 7 класс»
Тема урока « Мы ответственны за нашу планету Земля»
Тип урока: Урок применения знаний и умений
Цели урока:
-формировать навыки говорения, умение выражать мысли, отвечать на
- формировать грамматические навыки, употреблять Present Simple Passive
- привлечь внимание учащихся к проблемам окружающей среды
-воспитывать бережное отношение к природе
Оснащение: Учебник, презентация, рисунки, картинки.
Ход урока
Этапы урока
Деятельность учителя
Деятельность ученика
Речевая зарядка
Основная часть
Hello boys and girls! I am glad to see
you. How are you?
-And you?
-You look happy, don’t you?
-How do you like the weather?
Come to the widow, P1, please.
-What do you see out of the window?
-Is there any litter on the play ground?
-Is our schoolyard clean?
Sit down, please.
-Do you always put litter in the litter
-Where do throw litter at school?
-Who throws litter on the floor?
-Does the litter spoil the view?
Today we’ll continue to speak about
nature protection. Nowadays it is a big
problem all over the world. The theme
of our lesson is nature.
There are two questions we are going to
-Why do we have to protect nature?
-I am fine, thank you.
-I am OK, thank you
-Yes, I like to go to school/I like
English lessons
-I don’t like the weather today, because
it’s cloudy and cold today.
-I see some trees, our sport ground,
-No, there isn’t. We take care of our
play ground.
-Yes, it is. We clean it every autumn
and spring.
-Yes, I do. I don’t want to pollute the
- In litter bin.
- Nobody.
-Yes, it does.
1 min.
2 min.
1 min
-How can we protect nature?
To answer the first question we’ll listen
to a very beautiful song by famous
-Do you know this person?
-What is he famous for?
The picture illustrates the song.
Please, listen to the song and fill the
gaps. Take card 1
Let’s check how you fill the gaps. What
words do you write?
Use these words and answer the
-Why do you have to protect the nature?
Well done, I like your ideas.
-Yes, this is Louis Armstrong.
-He is a popular American jazz
musician, singer, he played trumpet
Ученики слушают песню и работают
по карточке №1
-trees, roses,
bloom, skies, clouds, blessed, sacred,
colors, faces, hands, babies, learn.
-because the world is so wonderful
-because I want to see trees of green and
red roses
-because I want to see skies of blue and
clouds of white
-because I want to hear babies cry
-because I want to admire the colors of
-because I wont to shake hands of my
fiends and say them “How are you”.
Little prince: I’m a little prince from the
1 min
3 min
2 min.
(монологическое и
Today we have an unusual guest.
Who are you?
But what is happening now with our
planet Earth?
What environmental problems do you
What are the results of our influence on
the environment?
Please, use Present Simple Passive.
For example, when animals are killed,
nature is damaged.
And what can you say about this
planet 612 from the book written by
Sent- Eksupery “Little Prince “. I think
you have a great number of problems on
your planet. I’ve come to your place to
help you. I keep my native planet neat
and clean. My rule is: after getting up,
make your space tidy. Is it hard? No, it
is not. I don’t know much about the
Earth. Who can tell me about it?
-air pollution
-water pollution
-endangered animals
-greenhouse effect
Little prince: I see a lot of
environmental problems on your planet
I must come back to my planet but I
want to give you some advices, take the
1-When animals are hurt, wildlife is
-When animals are disturbed, ecology is
2-When the air is polluted, the climate
is changed.
-When the air is spoiled, the
environment is spoiled too.
2 min.
1 min
I think this problem is very dangerous,
what problem is it?
Who can say some words about this
Look at the massage from another
planet. What are you asked to do?
What do you usually do to save our
planet? And you?
3-When the water is polluted, the health
of people is damaged.
_When the water is not cared, nature is
4-When our planet is polluted with
litter, the environment is spoiled.
-When litter is thrown away, the view is
5.-When forests are cut down, the air is
- When forests are destroyed, birds and
animals are disturbed.
-When trees are burnt, air pollution is
Читают письмо и отвечают на
- I don’t throw litter in public
- I plant a tree every year in the
- I don’t use Chemicals in the
- I pick up litter walking in the
- I never break glass bottles.
- I don’t cut wild flowers
2 min.
2 min
Are you worried about the nature?
Please listen to the phrases, which can
help you to express ways to say you are
worried. Use your ear-phones. Repeat
after announcer.
Now we are going to work in groups. I
want you to make three groups. I give
you some pictures.Do mini-projects. Ask
people to save our environment.
Our lesson comes to the end, but I would
like to finish it with a very beautiful
So, children, you should to remember
that our world belong to you, to me and
to all of us. Thank you for your work. It
was a good job and I give you only good
and excellent marks. So, see you
- I turn off the light when I leave
the room.
- I water the home flowers.
- I plant flowers in the garden.
- I don’t hurt animals
- I never draw on the trees.
- I don’t throw away things which
I can reuse
- I feed birds in winter.
- I clean my yard.
- I never throw litter on the bank
of the river.
Дети слушают и повторяют.
Ex. I 3 , p. 85
Дети составляют мини-диалоги.
Ученица читает стихотворение.
«Yours and my».
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