Презентация "My beautiful Homeland - the South Ural" 9 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "My beautiful Homeland - the South Ural" 9 класс

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My beautiful Homeland- the South Ural

My beautiful Homeland- the South Ural

  • “Time travelling”
  • Knyazkova Irina Vasilyevna
  • gymnazium № 26
  • Chelyabinsk

“ My lovely Homeland”

  • Many cities in Russia are famous,
  • But Chelyabinsk is most of all.
  • It consolidates a lot of nations
  • The Urals’ city is called a “mall”.
  • Chelyabinsk is hospitable,
  • It’s known for nature and Arcaim.
  • But most attractive are people
  • Who bring fame and who dream.
  • They dream about the future, they are active.
  • They build and work ,and have a lot of fun.
  • They make Chelyabinsk more attractive
  • To all the citizens, to everyone!
  • I.Knyazkova

Please, answer the questions:

  • Is the author proud of her native city?
  • What nationalities are the people living in Chelyabinsk region?
  • What is Arcaim? Why is it famous all over the world?

Compare & contrast Use: …in both photos, in the first photo…but in the second photo…,I can see two very different…

Match the pairs, name them, write a short essay “Time is passing…”

  • 1 2
  • 3 4

Writing help

  • 1- Ufimskaya St. 2–railway station
  • 3 –old railway station 4-Kirova St.
  • Use the questions:
  • What pair would you like to speak about?
  • Where are the objects you’ve chosen situated?
  • How have they changed?

Reading: read the information & answer the question: “What new facts have you learnt?”

  • Time is passing but memory is alive”
  • Monument to V.I. Lenin was established in November,
  • 1959. The figure of the leader is 8m high.
  • On the pedestal there is the inscription:
  • “To V.I. Lenin from the workers of Chelyabinsk”.
  • This bronze sculpture was made in Leningrad. This
  • monument is on the main square of my city-
  • Revolutinary square.
  • There are no holiday demonstrations now, but this square is the most attractive place for citizens and visitors.

“Time is passing but memory is alive”

  • Monument to”Orlenock”was established by
  • the Komsomol members and young people of the city to the 40th anniversary of VLKSM-ALL- UNION LENIN YOUNG COMMUNIST LEAGUE in October, 1958. It was constructed in honor of the heroes of the Civil War. The author of the sculpture is Leo Golovnitskiy
  • The eternal fire” is the most known and
  • attended place. The “Fire” was lit on the eve
  • of the 20th anniversary of the Great victory
  • in May 1965 in honor of the citizens, who
  • did not return from World War II.
  • The framing of the fire is made in the form
  • of iron star and bronze garland from leaves
  • of oak.

Seven wonders of Chelyabinsk

  • You’ve just looked through wonderful photos. Make up mini-dialogue
  • Questions for help:
  • Have you seen these churches before?
  • I suppose, you liked the sights, didn’t
  • you?
  • What expressions can you use to express your admiration?


  • What other places in Chelyabinsk
  • have changed a lot?
  • If you were a magician, what would you change in your native city?