Презентация "My working day. Мой рабочий день" 5 класс

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Урок английского языка

Урок английского языка

Учитель: Романова Юлия Викторовна

My working day

  • Задачи урока:
  • Практические:

  • Активизировать употребление лексики по теме «Мой рабочий день».
  • Закрепить употребление речевых образцов в играх по теме урока.
  • Образовательные:

  • Совершенствовать навыки диалогической и монологической речи.
  • Развивать память и логическое мышление.
  • Воспитательные:

  • Повышать интерес к изучению английского языка.

read the words with the sounds











  Blue is the sea

Blue is the sea,

Green is the grass.

White are the clouds,

As they slowly pass.

Black are the crows,

Broun are the trees,

Red are the sails

Of a ship in the breeze.

  • to get up at 7 o’clock
  • to do morning exercises
  • to have breakfast (dinner, supper)
  • to wash hands and face
  • to clean the teeth
  • to put on (a shirt, a skirt)
  • to read books
  • to watch TV
  • to help mother about the house



What lessons

What books

do you

go to school?

have breakfast (dinner, supper)?

clean the teeth?


watch TV?


do your lessons?

go to bed?


Pupil 1: Hi, Olga!

Pupil 2: Hi, Kate!

Pupil 1: How are you?

Pupil 2: I’m well. Thank you.

Pupil 1: I say Olga. When do your homework?

Pupil 2: I usually do my homework in the evening.

Pupil 1: Really? And as for me I read books and watch TV in the evening.

Pupil 2: I see.

My working day

I usually get up at 7 o’clock. In the morning I wash my hands and face, clean my teeth, do my morning exercises. I usually have my breakfast at 8 o’clock. After breakfast I do my homework. Then I go for a walk in the yard. At 12 o’clock I usually have my dinner and go to school. I have six lessons every day. I have Russian, English, Maths and History. After school I help my mother about the house, read books, watch TV and go to bed.



  • know the new words.
  • can ask questions.
  • can make dialogues.
  • can tell about your life.