Конспект урока "What does Britain look like?"

Topic: “What does Britain look like?”
Good afternoon, children!
I’m glad to see you!!!!
Let's start our lesson!
What day is it today? (Thursday, fourth of september)
How are you today?
Do you like the weather today?
Is the sun shining?
What do you know about Britain? What national emblem and colours does GB
have? Name please famous British people.
Repeat after me : Britain, Great Britain, The United Kingdom, The British
Isles, England, Home county, Powys, Scotland, Armagh, Grampian, Wales,
Kent, Nothern Ireland.
4. Let’s check your home task.
5.1) open your books at page 10
Look at the pictures. See the difference. Choose the correct caption
for each map.
2). What is the official name of your country? What do you country
look like? What parts does it consist of?
Compare Russia with the UK.
3). Britain divided into areas called counties. The counties around the
capital are known as the Home Counties. Look at the map on page 11.
And let’s analyze it!!
a) how many counties there are in the Uk
b) which are Home counties
c) which county is from which country
Аудирование. The text about the Royal family.
Home task
P 12 ex 5
Read and translate the text about the Royal family