Презентация урока английского языка "Моя семья" 5 класс

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Моя семья урок английского языка,5 класс, УМК М.З. Биболетовой

Автор: Жаглина Татьяна Владимировна, учитель английского языка

МБОУ гимназии №19 имени Н.З.Поповичевой

г. Липецк

Ex.1 Read the sounds and the words then translate the words: [s]-sportsman, possible, famous; [v]-very, clever, creative, loving; [p]-polite, stupid, typical; [əu] - know, so, close, go; [n]- naughty, independent, unfriendly; [r] - rude, brave, friendly, responsible; [m] - impolite, impossible, humour; [z] - pleasant, close, unzip. Ex.2 Fill in the adjectives: • blue • only • straight • big • funny 1 a (n)....................child 2 a .......................family 3 ..............................hair 4 .............................eyes 5 a..........................name Check your answers then make true sentences about your family and friends. 1 an only child 2 a big family 3 straight hair 4 blue eyes 5 a funny name Ex.3 In pairs, make sentences with the words / phrases in the list: • mother • children • cousin • colour eyes • slim • I've got • good looking • what ... like? • clever • shy • tall • play with • what ... look like? Ex.4 Talk about yourself and your family. You (full name, age, town, country, look like) Your family members (name, age, job, looks like, is like) Dear Simon, 1 _ I’m short and slim with short brown hair and green eyes. I’m a student and I live with my family in Portland, the USA. 2 _ My brother’s name is Thomas. He’s six years old. He’s got short blond hair and blue eyes. He is very noisy. Jill, my sister, is tall with long brown hair and brown eyes. She’s fourteen years old and very attractive. My mother is a dentist. Her name’s Ruth. She’s got long black hair and she’s very kind and friendly. My father, Jack, is a lawyer. He’s quite tall and he’s very intelligent. Here is a photo of all of us in the park. Can you find me? 3 _ Please write soon and tell me about your family. Love, Bill My family Writing a letter to a penfriend introducing yourself and your family A There are five people in my family. В Well, that’s all about me and my family. С Hi! I’m Bill Peters and I’m twelve years old.


Read the letter and match the sentences (A-C) to the paragraphs:

Identify the people in the picture:






Plan Dear … Introduction (Paragraph 1) ( your full name, age, what you look like, where you live) Main Body (Paragraph 2 ) (your family names, ages, jobs, what they look like, what they are like) Conclusion (Paragraph 3 ) ( ask friend to write back) Love, Your first name Your homework: write a letter introducing yourself and your family to your penfriend (100 - 120 words), using the plan and Bill’s letter as a model. Использованные материалы: I. Virginia Evans, Neil O’ Sullivan. Click On 1. Student’s Book.- Newbury: Express Publishing, 2000. II. Virginia Evans, Neil O’ Sullivan. Click On 1.Teacher’s Book.- Newbury: Express Publishing, 2000. Интернет ресурсы: 1. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ujFiEoz_fbc/T578wiMPBXI/AAAAAAAAAds/NSEQqutS8l8/s1600/semjy.jpg - изображение семьи 2. http://i018.radikal.ru/1105/09/d9ee45104abe.jpg - изображение семьи 3.http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/11_03/happyfamilyG1811_468x541.jpg- изображение семьи 4.http://woodwin.ru/userfiles/news/480_stroitelstvo_nedvizhimosti_sankt-peterburg-spb.jpg – изображение семьи