Презентация "Pronouns" 5 класс

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Pronouns The aim
  • They practise the structures – Whose pen is this?
  • Whose socks are these?
  • They study a new grammar material – pronouns
  • They practise reading and speaking
Listen and repeat the words
  • A dress socks
  • A skirt trainers
  • A shirt jeans
  • A blouse roller skates
  • A T-shirt trousers
  • A sweater shoes
  • A tie
  • A cap
  • A pullover
  • A hat
  • A jacket
  • Read and translate these words
Practice of reading the structures Whose pen is this? Whose socks are these? Whose dress is this? Whose books are these? Whose T-shirt is this? Whose dresses are these? Whose tie is this? Whose pencils are these? Whose cap is this? Whose pens are these? Whose hat is this? Whose trainers are these? Whose skirt is this? Whose sisters are these? Whose bag is this? Whose bikes are these? Whose book is this? Whose cars are these? Whose flag is this? Whose copy-book is this? Whose sister is this? Whose mother is this? pronouns singular plural I – my We – our You – your You – your He – his They – their She – her It - its It is my pen. It’s my book. They are her socks. They’re her socks. Pronouns Compare the sentences I – my – mine We – our - ours You – your – yours You – your - yours He – his – his They – their - theirs She – her – hers it – its – its This is my book. This book is mine. This is his pen. This pen is his. This is our radio. This radio is ours. This is her mother. This mother is hers. This is their car. This car is theirs. Complete your own sentences
  • It’s my … computer
  • her … radio his … table your … orange our … apple their … book dress sweater
Complete your own sentences
  • They are my … books
  • your … jeans his … socks her … trainers our … shoes their … dresses pencils coins stamps stars