Презентация "Roses parade" 4 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
  • There is a very interesting tradition in the United States of America.
  • Just about 40 miles north of Los Angeles in the state of California is
  • Pasadena.
  • Each New Year’s Day a famous college football game is played there.
  • It is called the Rose Bowl. The Tournament of ROSES PARADE is held
  • that morning
  • People use to go to the Roses Parade every year and get to see all floats
  • and flowers in person.
  • The Roses Parade is very crowded with people packed solid along the streets. It is a very beautiful holiday created by many people from different states.
  • People walk around to see each Roses Parade floats in Pasadena.
  • There one can see American Eagle on an American flag all made out of flowers
  • The pictures were made by my dear American friend JOAN LITSINGER who lives in California.
  • Thanks Joan’s presents (films, maps, books, post cards, letters) my pupils learned English with great interest.
  • Every year she visits the Parade and sends me new photoes.
  • «CENTRAL PARK ‘ is a very large float;
  • a fake horse covered in seeds, rice, bits of flowers. Carraige in back & people were in the parade. In rink flowers are small orchids growing on long stems. Everything is covered with flowers, seeds, nuts, bark, rice, seasonings, moss, live plants, evergreens. The cablestone street are potatoes.
  • There is also a very large float representing Christmas gifts around the fire-place. Even ‘Fire» made with flowers, used fruit, seeds and nuts, rice fern, evergreens. It was made by city of West Covina
  • A very large birds made with flowers with a fountain of flowers the base of which fell off to the side.
  • There is a quilt made of flowers with Christian symbols in each quilt block. The Lutheran church made the float. In upper part of it there are 3 stained-glass windows made with flowers
  • Huge cat tail plants made with flowers, the frog is made with Brussel sprots/ small cabbage/.
  • There were Three snowmen made with flowers, design in clothig made in flowers too.
  • “A Bountiful Harvest” with two pleasant birds /very large/ made of fall leaves, pumpkins, corn, apples, roses and other flowers with autumn wreath at the back of the float.
  • One can see South America Continent very very large parrots. Hawaiian authirum flowers cover the parrots. There are some other flowers on the float : roses, mums, daisies.
  • There is a ‘Nursery Rhyme’:
  • ‘There was an old woman
  • Who lived in a shoe,
  • She had so many children
  • She didn’t know what to do»
  • So there is a very large shoe with a house, swing a tree, trees, bind, rocking chair, butterfly, cat by the tree. There were children all over the float during the parade.
  • There was a very very large float and very long. This represents Thailand. Lots of detail work in flower parts and live flowers. Even small flowers were strung together to make small garlands around the float.