Презентация "Teenager’s problems in Russia and in the USA" 9 класс

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Слайд 1

  • «Teenager’s problems
  • in Russia and in the USA.»
  • Работу выполнил :
  • ученик 9 «а» класса
  • Рыбак Роман
  • Учитель :Стрижакова Татьяна Ивановна

The aim of my work

  • To enlarge my scope
  • To get more information about youth problems
  • To find out differences and common features of teenagers from different countries (e.g. the USA and Russia)
  • To try to find the way of solving teens problems

Generation X

I am different- I am not bad

We want to choose ourselves

Generation gap

Homeless teenagers

They kill homeless children just to tidy up the streets for an important visitor !

Bullying at school

Do not be an easy target !

“ I'd never want to go back to high school. Not in a million years!

  • Tom Cruise

61% of Russian parents consider our

  • 61% of Russian parents consider our
  • school risky.
  • 70% Russian pupils admit the existence of school violence.
  • 17% Russian pupils were bullied by teachers and classmates.
  • 30% of teachers say that they mustn’t help students in such situations.
  • 50% of teachers do not know how to help pupils who are bullied.
      • Some interesting facts

Stop until it is not too late!

We are more active, energetic, creative, independent.

Forever young. I want to be forever young