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Презентация "Rostov Region and its sights" 7 класс

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Rostov Region and its sights

It was founded on September, 13,

1937. Territory -10000 967 square km.

Population – about 4 235 560 people.

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Rostov – on – Don

is the capital of the region.

It was founded in 1749.

Zmeyovskaya beam

Rostov Circus

Gorky Theatre


It was founded in 1805

as the capital of Voysko Donskogo.

Starochekasskaya (1540)

It is the former place of Ataman

Zemly Voisko Donskogo.

Matvey Platov, a famous general,

was born here.

Starocherkasskiy museum

has the territory

of 180 hectares.


A. P. Chekhov birthplace.

Taganrog is a port

at the Azov Sea.

Taganrog was founded by Peter 1

and became the 1st military port in Russia.


M. A. Sholokhov house

The State



was founded in


Azov Azak (13 – 14 century), Tana (15 – 16 century).
  • Azak (13 – 14 century), Tana (15 – 16 century).
  • Azov is the oldest town in Rostov Region. It is more than 2000 years.
  • You can see Azov Fortress of the 18th century in the old part of the town.

Monument to Peter the 1st



  • S. Pushkin stayed in
  • stanitsa Aksaiskaya

    while travelling to the Caucasus.



The ancient town Tanais was founded

in the 3rd century BC.

The archeological museum Tanais

under open sky was founded in 1961.

You can see parts of the ancient town.

Its territory more than 3000 hectares.

Kamensk – Shahtinskiy. 1671 Millerovo.

It was founded in 1786. Population – 35 600.

It is the most northern town in Rostov Region.

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