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Проверочный тест "Possessive pronouns exercises"

Possessive pronouns exercises.
Task 1. Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.
His Their Her
This is my mum. _________ name's Jess.
These are my sisters. ________ names are Mary and Dina.
These are my parents. _________ names are Tanya and Bob
This is my cousin. _________ name's Helen.
This is my cousin. ______ name's Fred
These are my sisters. _______ names are Tina and Nina.
This is my aunt. _______ name's Pam.
Task 2. What is Molly Adamauer saying? Add my, your, his, her, our or their.
_____ first name is Molly. _____family name is Adamauer. What about you? What's
_____ first name? And what's ______ family name? I'm married. You can see _____
husband in the picture. ______ name is Aisek. We've got one son and one daughter.
______ son is 21. _____ name is Nickolas. _______ daughter is 24. ______ name is
Emy. Emy is married. _____ husband's name is Bred. Emy and Bred have got two
Absolute possessive pronouns exercises.
Task 3. Insert absolute possessive pronouns.
Jason: Whose sunglasses are these?
Kate They're Amy's, I think. Yes, they're (1) _______.
Paul: Whose baseball cap is this?
Amy: That's (2) ______ too! Thanks.
Kate: Ugh! Whose dirty towel is this?
Jason: Ask Paul. I think it's (3) __________ .
Paul: Yes, it is. Thanks. You've got a great T-shirt, Amy!
Amy: Thanks. I borrowed it from my big sister. So it's (4) __________ really.
Jason: What about this umbrella?
Paul: Don't be silly, Jason! You brought it, so it must be (5) __________.
Kate: Does this beach ball belong to us?
Jason: No, it isn't (6) __________. Those kids over there were looking for a ball, so it's
(7) _________ probably.
Task 4. Choose the right pronoun.
1. Is this yours / your daughter?
2. It's theirs / their problem, not our/ours.
3. It's a good idea of your / yours to go to the bar tonight.
4. Are these her / hers shoes?
5. We're going swimming with some friends of our/ours.
6. Is it yours / your article about spiders? -No, it's not my / mine.
7. We know their / theirs address but they don't know our / ours.
8. That's not my / mine wallet. Mine / my is black.
9. His cottage is bigger than her / hers but her / hers is nicer.
10. My / mine parents live in Vitebsk region, and your / yours?
Task 5. Complete the conversation with the correct possessive pronouns.
Tim: Whose CD is that?
Jenny: The Britney Spears CD? It's (1) _______ . It's (2) _______ favourite CD.
Tim: It's (3) _________ too. Is this Kylie Minogue CD (4) ________ too?
Jenny: No, it's (5) ________ sister’s. And those on the table are (6) ________ too.
Tim: There's a Beatles CD on the table. Does she like The Beatles?
Jenny: No, she doesn't. But (7) _____ parents love them. All the Beatles CDs are (8)
Tim: Can I borrow this one, or is it (9) _________ sister's? Jenny No, it isn't (10)
_________. I'll have to ask (11) _____ brother. That CD is (12) _______.