Внеклассное мероприятие "Конкурс караоке SING FOREVER" 9 класс

Внеклассное мероприятие на английском языке для 9 классов
«Конкурс караоке SING FOREVER»
Цель: развитие творческого потенциала учащихся
Образовательные: практическое применение английского языка
Развивающие: развитие навыков исполнения песен на английском языке,
развитие внимания, памяти, воображения
Воспитательные: развитие эстетического вкуса, культуры исполнения песни,
развитие навыков работы в команде
Ход мероприятия:
(Звучит песня I’m Alone” Teach-in)
Dear guests, glad to see you! How are you?
Do you like singing? If so, this contest is just for you!
Have you ever heard about one-way streets?
Listen to a riddle.
A girl who was just learning to drive went down a one-way
street in the wrong direction, but didn't break the law.
How can it be?
Answer: She was walking.
And have ever heard about one-way ticket in English?
Listen to the song “One-way Ticket”. Form 9/1, welcome!!!
Thank you for the song!
Dear students, I hope you like riddles. This riddle is “Welcome to Miami.
What kind of tree can you carry in your hand?
Answer: a palm
The students of Form 9/5 will not sing about palms, they’ll sing a very nice
song about a tree …. What tree? -try to guess!
Certainly- It’s a Lemon Tree”
Children, is it possible to be everything at once? You can answer either YES or
NO. Yes, it is possible! There are only five students of Form 9/2, but they can be
everything at once. Now it’s time to have a break. Dance, everybody!
Song “Everything at Once
“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
They’re very nice words, aren’t they? Whom do they belong to?
The famous English poet and playwright wrote these words in his
work “All's Well That Ends Well”.
Yes, it’s William Shakespeare. He wrote a lot about love.
Our next song is “Viva Forever”, Form 9/4.
Dear students, what is always coming but never arrives? Try to
Answer: Tomorrow
But our song travel is coming to an end and the next singers are going to invite
us to some place. Students of Form 9/3, welcome!
Song “Pasadena
Now our final song “Imagine”
…Above us only sky… In what airport in England can you see these words?
In Liverpool. Sing together “Imagine”!
We are going to sing this song in order to call on to keep the world peace.
Summing up (Итоги конкурса)