Презентация "What prints do I leave behind me every day?" 7 класс

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What prints do I leave behind me every day? Presentation made by Gulin Sasha What do I do?
  • I go to the bathroom to have a shower for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Every morning I get up at 7. It is still dark so I switch the light on.
  • I use the electricity.
  • What does it mean for nature?
  • I use water.
What do I do?
  • After the shower I have breakfast: fried eggs, toasts, tea or coffee.
  • All my food is packed – the pack is made of mineral oil.
  • All the litter I put into my litter bin.
  • What does it mean for nature?
  • All the litter goes to the town dump.
What do I do?
  • My house is near the forest, so after breakfast I take my dog for a walk in the forest.
  • My dog makes noise running and barking in the forest – it disturbs forest inhabitants.
  • I go to Min-Vody by car.
  • What does it mean for nature?
  • The car is polluted the air.
What do I do?
  • At school I use pens, pencils, books and notebooks.
  • All the staff I use is made of nature materials.
  • What does it mean for nature?
  • After school I listen to music, play the computer and watch TV.
  • I make noise and again I use the electricity.
How should I change my life
  • Use water carefully, avoid wasting water
  • Switch the light off when I don’t use it
  • Use all my materials: notebooks, pens, pencils carefully
  • Sort all my litter for further recycling
  • Not to buy products with extra pack
  • Look after my dog to prevent disturbing forest inhabitants