Презентация "About trainers" 8 класс

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  • МОУ «Каменская средняя общеобразовательная школа» Выборгского района.
  • Учитель - Батуевская О.В.
  • Parents all over Britain have been complaining about the cost of their children`s shoes. Teenagers don`t want to buy ordinary trainers from shoes shops now. Everyone wants to buy «designer trainers» in smart sports shops. The most popular trainer companies in Britain are
  • What are white, expensive, and good for your feet? Trainers, of course. Trainers are not like other shoes. Good trainers stay with the natural shape of your foot. Doctors say it is for your feet to wear no shoes at all. The next best thing is to wear trainers.
  • Nike
  • Reebok
  • LA Gear
  • Puma
  • and Hi-tech
Trainers in history
  • People have been wearing sports shoes for longer than you think. The earliest sports shoes with rubber soles appeared in 1876, but it wasn`t possible for most people to buy them. Most people played sports in big, heavy work boots. They weighed about a kilo when dry and two kilos when wet.
Running shoes read the way
  • Runners have more injuries than other athletes. 37% of all injuries happen to runners. Each time their feet hit the ground, it is with a force 2,5 times the body`s weight. For this reason, scientist have been experimenting much more with running shoes than with any other form of sports wear.
  • Now, with new technology, trainers are stronger, lighter, more comfortable, and they help you with your sport. About 80 people work on design of a new kind of trainers. It takes over two years to develop a new kind of trainer. It takes just twelve minutes to make a trainer when it is in production.
Everybody wants to walk on air
  • All young people want to own a pair of air trainers. Some trainers have bubbles of dense gas under the heels and the middle of the foot to protect them. You can pump air into some trainers to help them to mould themselves to the shape of your feet. The most successful ones have been Nike Air Jordans named after Michel Jordan. America`s famous basketball player Nike have spent twenty million US dollars in the last ten years creating air shoes.
20% of all sales for sport
  • 80% of all sales are to people who just want to be in fashion
Designer CRIME
  • IN New York people have been beating up (hitting or kicking) and killing teenagers for their sports shoes. People in America have been asking teenagers not buy Nike shoes as a protest. New designer crime is beginning to happen in London. Often these crimes happen upstairs on double-decker buses late at night.