Конспект урока "A day off" 3 класс

Theme: A day off.
Objectives: 1) to teach pupils to describe pictures using Present Continuous
2) to develop speaking,reading,writing,auding abilities
3) to teach pupils to work in pairs and groups
I.Org.moment: greeting, asking about the weather, date, day
II. Warming up: Teacher asks pupils-What day is it today? Is it a day off? When do you have a day off? (It is
on Sunday). What do you usually do on Sunday?
III. Oral practice:
1) We learn how to describe actions we are doing now, at the moment of our speech. But before let`s
revise what form do we use to describe such actions.
Am, Is, Are + Verb + ing (on the board)
2) Now add ING-ending to the verbs-playing,writing,reading,speaking,going,dancing,singing and etc.
Teacher says,pupils repeat after.
3) Teacher gives pupils text and pupils must find sentences in Pres.Cont. Then they read aloud.
4) Game. Teacher shows action and says pupils to guess What She is doing? Who will guess then comes to
the board and shows actions. So all pupils can play and practice speaking sentences in Pres.Cont. Pupils pay
attention on correct using of verb to be and ING ending.
5) Teacher says And what do you think Ademy and Bobby are doing at this moment? Pupils guess in
Pres.Cont. using structure I think.
6) Now lets open your books and see what Ademy and Bobby are really doing. (Pupils open their books.
Kuznetcova,p.70 ex.6). Listen to their talk and answer a question What are they doing?
a) Pupils listen to CD, b) Answer a question, c) Teacher reads-pupils repeat after in chorus, d) Pupils read
7) Home task: to learn this dialogue at home by heart
8) Ph.minute
9) Teacher asks pupils Would you like to go to the park,beach,playground? Teacher gives pupils pictures
with these places and divide them into 3 groups. They must say what are they doing in the park,on the
beach,on the playground.
10) Then teacher says marks to pupils. And the lesson is over,
Demonstrative lesson
on the theme: «A day off»
3 «V» form
Teacher: Buremenko L.I.