Презентация "Jack London" 6-11 класс

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Jack London Литературная гостиная, посвященная 140-летию со дня рождения американского писателя Джека Лондона. Подготовила учитель английского языка Телидченко М.Н. ЧОУ СОШ «Альтернатива» г.Краснодар Jack London, a 19th century American author and journalist He was born on January 12, 1876, in San Francisco, California. Flora Wellman, his mother His life as a writer essentially began in 1893. He read novels by well-known authors. In 1896, when Jack London was twenty years old, gold was discovered in Alaska. A novel The Call of the Wild (1903) White Fang (1906), the most popular tale about a wild wolf dog becoming domesticated. The Sea-Wolf, The Sea-Wolf, visionary fantasy The Iron Heel (1908), The Cruise of the Snark  (1911) Martin Eden, London's most autobiographical novel. Family In 1900 London married Bess Maddern. Daughters Joan and Bess. He died at his California ranch, on November 22, 1916. Questions:
  • Is Jack London the author`s real name?
  • Where and when was he born?
  • Was it easy for him to become a writer? Why?
  • What books written by Jack London did you remember?
  • How many times was Jack London married?
  • Why did he die? Where did it happen?
White Fang Choose the words to complete the sentences:
  • White Fang did not like ________________ to a man.
  • At night White Fang stood _______________ over his master`s things.
  • The man was trying to ____________ himself from White Fang`s teeth.
  • Weedon Scott asked Matt to take _________ of the dog.
  • Weedon Scott was standing on the _______ with White Fang by his ______.
  • deck protect submitting side on guard a good care

True or false?
  • Weedon Scott was not kind to White Fang.
  • White Fang loved Matt not Weedon Scott.
  • When Scott came back White Fang got better quickly.
  • White Fang did not pay attention to a man who came at night.
  • Weedon Scott decided to stay in the north.
  • He couldn`t take White Fang with him because he was afraid that the dog would kill all the dogs in town.
  • White Fang found his master in the port.
Who said the following?
  • “I always said that the wolf was a dog!”
  • “Take your wild dog. He will tear me to pieces.”
  • “Tried to steal you, did he? And you didn`t let him?”
  • “What can I do with the dog in California?”
  • “I`m going away forever, my dog.”
  • “Are you taking him with you?”
Martin Eden

Choose the right answer:
  • Martin Eden was:
  • a young man who didn`t want to learn
  • a person who even cut his sleep hours down
  • was very proud when he received the magazines with his words
  • 2. Ruth was:

  • indifferent to martin`s failure
  • shocked when she heard what professor hilton advised martin
  • fond of reading martin`s works
Choose the right answer:

3. Professor Hilton:

  • congratulated Martin with his success
  • invited Martin to have a cup of tea
  • advised Martin to go back to the grammar school for at least two years
  • 4. The editors of different papers and magazines:

  • accepted all Martin`s works
  • sent all his manuscripts back
  • asked him to type all his works
True or false?
  • Martin was happy to learn that he had succeeded in his exams.
  • He was deeply affected by his failure.
  • Ruth was very disappointed.
  • He received a lot of money for his work.
  • Martin sent his works to a lot of magazines but with no result.
  • Martin rented a computer and spent days and nights mastering the machine.
  • He did not like his poems. They seemed awful to him.
Who said the following?
  • “You know nothing, positively nothing. I should advise you to go back to the grammar school for at least two years.”
  • “Oh, Martin. I can`t imagine that you have failed. I`m so disappointed.”
  • "Knowledge seems to me like a chart-room. Whenever I go into the library, I am impressed that way.”
Литературная гостиная, посвященная 140-летию со дня рождения американского писателя Джека Лондона. ЧОУ СОШ «Альтернатива», январь, 2016 год. Подготовили и провели учителя английского языка: Телидченко М.Н., Рындина Н.В., Ермакова В.А.