Презентация "Animals need our help!" 5 класс

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Animals need our help! Animals need our help! What is the lesson about?
  • Animals
  • Pets
  • Domestic animals
  • Animals in danger


What do you know about this problem? Why are the animals in danger? Who is to blame? Who does this?
  • cause global warming
  • cut down trees
  • hunt animals
  • leave rubbish





Animals in danger

Giant Panda

People cut down bamboo

Reading about animals in danger

Animals in danger

Mountain Gorilla

Giant Panda

Polar Bear

Siberian Tiger

African Elephant

people hunt the African elephant

people hunt the Siberian tiger

people cut down bamboo

people cause global warming

people cut down trees

-Why is the African Elephant in danger?

-Because people hunt the African Elephant.

What can you do?

feed animals and birds

break brunches

give money for charity

drop rubbish

You can …

You can`t …

Let`s make a poster! I am a Polar Bear. I live in the Arctic. I am in danger because people cause global warming. Please, help me! You can feed animals. You can give money for charity.


Animals in danger

What do you know now? Why are the animals in danger? Who is to blame? What can people do? Now I can …
  • Name some animals in danger
  • Talk about problems of animals in danger
  • Make a poster about an animal in danger
  • Talk about how I can help animals
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