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Excavations in Troya
  • Schliemann did in Troy four big campaigns of excavations (1871— 1873, 1879, 1882-1883, 1889-1890). Starting with the third, he began to involve excavation experts. However, the views of experts and the opinion of Schliemann was often at odds. Continued excavation of Troy in 1893— 1894 — Dorpfeld, a trusted employee of the Schliemann, and from 1932 to 1938 — Bledgenom During the last hundred years, unearthed ancient walls of the city began to crumble and crack.
  • Only in 1988 were able to stop the fatal process of destruction is an international group of archaeologists, led by German Manfred Kohma-dimensional, focused on the preservation of the ancient walls. Since 1992, 75 scientists of different professions from 8 countries, uniting under the banner of the joint project "Troy and Troas. The archaeology of the area", continue to study the Gissarlik hill and its environs. In October 1995, it was discovered that in three of them there was writing In October 1995. I found a bronze seal with Hittite hieroglyphs (1100 BC) Manfred korfman concluded that Troy is the same town that is mentioned not only in Homer, but in the most ancient Hittite epic.
  • Korfman sure that the latest findings in fortress's fortifications — an undeniable proof of the truth of the Homeric Troyan war. One way or another, but excavations and research continue of Troy. Ariadna thread of legends leads into the depths of history to a new generation of scientists.