Тесты "Грамматика" 5 класс

I. Образуйте форму множественного числа следующих
II. Отметьте существительные, которые употребляются только в
единственном числе: 1. cat 2.sugar 3. puppy 4. love
5. friend 6. advice 7. horse 8. progress
9. hair 10. money
III. Отметьте существительные, которые употребляются только во
множественном числе:
1. mathematics 2. apples 3. scissors 4. fruits 5. trousers
6. cities 7. goods 8. tongs
9. clothes 10. puppies
IV. Какую форму множественного числа вы выберете для следующих
существительных ?
1. desk
2. class
3. potato
a) desks
a) classis
a) potatoes
b) deskes
b) classes
b) potatos
4. leaf
5. man
6. city
a) leaves
a) mans
a) citys
b) leafs
b) men
b) cities
7. mouse
8. play
a) mouses
a) plays
b) mice
b) playes
V. Укажите предлог, которым можно заполнить пропуск:
1. There is a nice lamp ... the table.
a) between b) over c) into
2. I have found your ball. In is ... the sofa.
a) over b) between c) under
3. Your present is ... you. Take it!
a) above b) under c) in front of
4. Where is Tom I can t find him.
- He is standing ... you, sir.
a) between b) behind c) under
5. I m waiting ... you, Tom.
a) for b)- c) to
6. Is it a book you are looking ...
a) on b) to c) for
7. Look... the blackboard and answer the questions.
a) on b) at c) to
8. Put... your hat. It is cold today.
a) away b) off c) on
9. Let s meet... 7 p.m..
a) on b) at c) to
10.3 here is a sofa ... the left.
a) in b) at c) on
VI. Выберите нужную форму глагола:
1. Tom usually ... football.
a) is playing b) play с) plays
2. What language he ... now ?
a) speaks b) is speaking c)speak
3. It... snow hard tomorrow.
a) will b) shall c) be
4. If the weather ... fine, we 11 go for a walk.
a) will be b) is c) shall be
5. Mozart... more than 600 pieces of music.
a) writes b) wrote c) will write
6. ... you have time to write her tomorrow ?
a) do b) did c) will
7. There ... many children in the hall last time.
a) are b) were c) will be
8. I... to London.
a) never was b) have never been c) never were
9. My friends ... to the theatre yesterday.
a) went b) have gone c) had go
10. The children ... outdoors last night when it began to rain hard.
a) were playing b) played c) play
11. Neil Armstrong ... to the Moon many years ago.
a) has gone b) went c) had gone
12. The policeman read the gentleman his wright after he ... him.
a) had arrested b) arrested c) arrests
13. Open the door. The postman ... a letter to you.
a) brings b) has brought c) will bring
14. There ... a lot of beautiful old buildings in Moscow.
a) is b) are c) was
15.Look! Somebody ... in the river.
a) swim b) swims c) is swimming
I. Сопоставьте праздники и их описание:
1. ... is a night when people have parties and stay up until midnight
to see the New Year in.
a) New Year b) Christmas c) New Year's Eve
2.... is a very happy day with decorated fur-tree and presents.
a) Christmas b) New Year c) Easter
3.... is a day when pupils and students start the new academic year.
a) Labour Day b) Easter c) The Day of Knowledge
4.... is a religious holiday when people have parties, light candles and give
each other presents.
a) New Year b) Easter c) Christmas
5.... is a religious holiday when people have gatherings eating dyed
eggs, paskha and kulich.
a) Christmas b) New Year c) Easter
6.... is a day when people play tricks on friends.
a) New Year b) April Fool's Day c) Christmas
7... is a holiday when people honour members of the armed forces.
a) Labour Day b) Day of the Defender of Motherland c)New Year
8.... is a day when people honour women by giving them flowers
and presents.
a) Women's Day b) Labour Day c) Easter
9... is a holiday when people have parades and ceremonies to honour
those who died in the Great Patriotic War.
a) Women's Day b) Victory Day c) May Day
10.... is a holiday when people have picnics, parades and fireworks.
a) Labour Day b) Women's Day c)Independence Day
11.....is a day when people eat pancakes and burn a scarecrow, which
means winter.
a) New Year's Eve b) Maslenitsa c) Easter 12.... is a holiday when
people dress up in costumes of ghosts and
witches and have fun.
a) Maslenitsa b) Easter c) Halloween
ПРОФЕССИЯ (профессиональные качества).
II. Закончите предложение, используя предлагаемые варианты:
1. То choose your future profession is very...
a) easy b) simple c) difficult
2. A "profession" is ...
a) an occupation which requires advanced education and special training
b) an occupation which doesn't require education at all.
3. To become a good doctor you should be very ...
a) angry and severe b) patient and kind
4.To become a good doctor you should have very good knowledge in.,
a) physics and maths b) chemistry and biology
5. To make a right choice it's necessary to take into account...
a) the character and ability of a person
b) the place of your birth
6. Our school teachers do their best to provide pupils with...
a) books and pens b) wide ranging knowledge and skills
7. The man who is fond of cars is called ...
a) doctor b) motorist c) tourist
8. There are lucky people who...
a) chose their profession in childhood
b) avoid unemployment
9. We must know whether the profession we have chosen will...
a) be interesting and entertaining
b) be in fashion
c) guarantee good living conditions and high salary
МОЛОДЕЖЬ (досуг, проблемы)
III. Закончите предложение, используя предлагаемые варианты:
1.Being a teenager is not so...
a) difficult b) easy
2. Teenagers have ... problems.
a) no b) a lot of
3. School is the 1
problem. Young people have to learn ...
a) a little b) a lot of
4. When parents don't understand the problems of their children it's
a) generation gap b) problem
5. Nowadays we have very serious problems for the young people such as
violence, AIDS, drugs and ...
a) music b) alcohol
6. The teenager's problems will...
a) fall b) increase
7. The most terrible thing is when teenager becomes a ...
a) student b) drug addict
8. Teenagers from formal groups generally spend their free time doing sports,
sightseeing, watching TV, ...etc
a) party going b) staying at home
IV. Закончите предложение, используя предлагаемые варианты:
1. Hobby is ...
a) what you can and like to do, when you have free time
b) what you hate to do
2. Very often our hobby helps us ...
a) to choose our future profession
b) to do nothing
3. The most common hobby among Englishmen is ...
a) collecting books
b) gardening and growing roses
4. Both grown-ups and children are fond of playing different...
a) card games
b) computer games
5. Hobby differs like ...
a) people
b) tastes
6. When we have a hobby our life becomes more ...
a) interesting
b) dull