Тест "Final grammar" 6 класс

Final grammar test
Level - Elementary Group_________
Teacher -_________ Name_________
Text book - "English 6" Total_________/ 70
1. Present Simple / Present Continuous.
Put the verb in the correct form:
1) They (not / watch) television very often.
2) Listen! Somebody (sing)!
3) What time (she / finish) work every day?
4) Tom (have) a shower at the moment.
5) Excuse me, (you / speak) English?
2. Past Simple / Present Perfect.
Put the verb in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.
1) Kate loves travelling. She (visit) many countries.
2) What time (you / go) to bed last night?
3) Look! Somebody (break) the window!
4) My hair is clean. I (wash) it.
5) I (wash) my hair before breakfast this morning.
3. Future Simple (to be going to).
Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs.
1) There are many dark clouds. It________(snow).
2) - What is the forecast for Sunday? - I think it________(snow).
3) Look! It is clouding over. It________(rain).
4) They say it________(be) sunny and warm tomorrow.
4. First Conditional.
Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs. Use the verbs from the box.
be, take, go, stay, invite, agree
1) If there________rain, they________at home.
2) If her parents ________, Jane ________ her friends to the
3) If it________very hot, they________to the beach.
4) If there________fog, Jane________her friends to the cafe.
5. Past Perfect.
Complete these sentences.
1) Mr. and Mrs. Davis were in an airplane. They were very nervous as the plane took off because they (fly)
never before.
2) The woman was a complete stranger to me. I never (see) her before.
3) Margaret was late for work. Her boss was very surprised. She (be / late) never before.
4) Jane played tennis yesterday - at least she tried to play tennis. She wasn't very good at it because she (play)
never before.
5) It was Tom's first driving lesson. He was very nervous and didn't know what to do. He (drive) never before.
6. The degrees of Comparison of Adjectives.
Complete the sentences. Use a comparative or a superlative degree.
1) Sue's car isn't very big. (comparative) She wants a________car.
2) This house isn't very modern. (comparative) I prefer________houses.
3) This building is very old. (superlative) It's________building in the town.
4) It's a very good film. (superlative) It's________film I've ever seen.
7. Plural nouns.
Write the plural.
1) knife-__________
2) city -__________
3) woman -__________
4) address -__________
5) sheep -__________
8. The Possesive Case of Nouns.
Use- 's.
1) (the job / my brother);
2) (the house / my parents);
3) (the address / Jill);
4) (the birthday / your sister);
5) (the camera / Ann).
9. Articles.
Write a / an / the /__.
1) _AIDS;
2) _flu;
3) __hour;
4) __headache;
5) __appendicitis.
10. Adverbials of frequency / ward order.
Put the words in the right order. Translate adverbs of frequency.
1) her hair / She / combs / a day / 5 раз.
2) cleans / He / a month / his shoes / 1 раз.
3) Ann / her teeth / more than / brushes / a day / 3 раза .
4) I / a year / a dentist / visit / дважды.
11. Quantifiers.
Out in a few I a little /few I little I many / much.
1) - When did you see Sarah? -_______days ago.
2) They are not rich but they've got______money - enough to live.
3) The TV service is not very good. There are_______good programmes.
4) I can't decide now. I need_______time to think about it.
5) How_______foreign languages can you speak?
6) There isn't_______milk in the fridge.
12. Demonstrative Pronouns.
Use this / that / these / those.
1) Who lives in_______house? (the house is here)
2) Who's_______girl? I don't know, (the girl is there)
3) Do you like _______shoes? I bought them last week, (the
shoes are here)
4) Don't eat_______apples. They are bad. (the apples are there)
13. There is / are.
Put in there is / there aren't / is there / are there.
1) Look!_______a photograph of George in the newspaper!
2) Dunford is a very modern town._________many old buildings in it.
3) Excuse me,_______a restaurant near here?
4) How many students_______in your class?
14. There was / were.
Put in there was / there wasn't / was there / there weren 't.
1)_______a football match on TV last night. But I didn't see it.
2) We didn't visit the museum._______enough time.
3) -We stayed at a nice hotel.
- Did you?_______a swimming-pool?
4) The suitcase was empty._______any clothes in it.
15. Who / What-questions.
Make questions with who or what. In these sentences who / what is the subject.
1) Somebody took my umbrella. __________your umbrella?
2) Something went wrong. __________?
3) Somebody wants to see you. __________me?
4) Something happened.__________?
16. Put all kinds of questions to the sentence.
In 1939 Vivien Leigh played Scarlett in the famous Hollywood film.