Тест "Здоровье" 8 класс

Тест по теме «Здоровье»
1. Выберите правильный вариант ответа:
1.Боль в животе:
А) an earache B) a stomachache C) a toothache
A) a flu B) a cold C) a medicine
3. Принять лекaрство:
A) to take medicine B) to rest in bed C) to have a medical check
4.Быть здоровым:
A) to be healthy B) to be self -confident C) to be good
5.Ходить пешком:
A) to wаlk B) to eat C) to throw
2. Поставьте глагол в подходящую форму:
1 .I _________________________ (to visit) the dentist today.
2. They ___________________________ (to have) medical check this
3. I ________________________ (to wash) my hands this morning.
4. We______________________________ (to eat) healthy food this
5. He ______________________________ (to play) sports this month.
3. Ответьте на вопросы:
1. Have you ever had backache?
2. Have your parents ever had heart trouble?
3. Have you ever cooked healthy breakfast?
4. Have you ever had toothache?
5. Have you ever had a medical check?
4. Ответьте на вопрос: What have you done to stay healthy?
4 . Put the word-combinations into the columns:
We must
We must not
Be healthy; smoke; wash hands; clean the house; eat too much; drink the
alcohol; eat the snow; breathe in fresh air; go in for sport; eat fruit and
vegetables; do morning exercises; eat too many sweets; go to bed late; keep
our body clean; be sleepy; sleep eight hours; visit the doctor regularly; clean
the teeth; feel fine; feel sick; have headache; have a bad cold; drink very
cold water.
5. III. Translate the sentences into English:
6. 1. У меня болит живот.
7. 2. Доктор сказал, что мне следует оставаться в постели.
8. 3. У тебя простуда. Сходи к врачу и пройди медицинский осмотр.
9. 4. Прими это лекарство от головной боли.
10. 5. Тебе следует принимать витамины, чтобы быстрее встать на ноги.
11. 6. У него высокая температура, должно быть он простудился.
1. A place where we get medical help
4. A sheet of paper with the help of which we take
medicine at the chemist's
6. The front of the neck
7. A feeling of being hurt
1. A state of being well
2. You take it to treat an illness
3. ... is what one usually eats and drinks
4. A person who needs medical help
5. A person who gives us medical help
7. The number of movements that you can feel in
a minute