Презентация "Presents"

Подписи к слайдам:

I’m fine

I’m OK

I’m sad

I’m bored

I’m tired

I’m great

I’m excellent!!!

It’s sunny!

It’s cloudy!

It’s windy!

It’s cold!

Presents What can give as a present?
  • some chocolate
  • a book
  • a card
  • a cake
  • toys
  • flowers
Presents When can we give presents?
  • Mother’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Birthday
  • New Year
Missing letters Please, fill in the missing letters in the words
  • choc…lat…
  • sw……ts
  • ca…d
  • pr…s…nt
  • ba…l…on
Check your answers
  • chocolate
  • sweets
  • card
  • present
  • balloon
Mixed letters Please, put the letters in the words in the correct order Check your answers
  • coloethac – chocolate
  • erpesnt – present
  • eetsws - sweets
Grammar time +You like sweets. - You don’t like sweets ? Do you like sweets? + They like cake. - They don’t like cake. ? Do they like cake? + He likes sweets. - He doesn’t like sweets. ? Does he like sweets? + She likes cake. - She doesn’t like cake. ? Does she like cake. Read and choose Please, read the sentences and put tick or cross Check your answers Writing task Please, write 4 sentences about what you like and you don’t like to eat…