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School uniform The word “uniform” means “having the same form”. So a school uniform means that every child in the school wears the same clothes. Clothes…clothes…clothes…

a shirt a jacket a tie

trousers a sweater a suit


a skirt

a blouse

a pinafore dress



Please match the words:

  • wear a) clothes
  • casual b) style
  • look c)school uniform
  • to be proud d) equal
  • feel e) the same
  • formal f) of school
  • express g) person
  • grey h) themselves
Read and translate:
  • Lack of comfort
  • freedom
  • expensive
  • comfortable
  • Unnecessary waste of money
  • mood
  • pay
  • rich
  • poor
  • concentrate
  • неудобство
  • свобода
  • дорогой
  • Удобный
  • ненужная трата денег
  • настроение
  • платить
  • богатый
  • бедный
  • сосредоточиться

School uniform in our lyceum

The history of School Uniform in Russia

There is also modern-day tradition for girls to dress into brown Soviet-style school uniform for their graduation ceremony.

School uniform in Britain.

Match the statements and countries:

1 The school uniform was introduced in the 16th century.

2 Both boys and girls had a school uniform.

3 The girls’ uniform was a blouse and a pinafore dress.

4 The school uniform was introduced in the 19th century.

5 At first the school uniform was only for the poor.

6 The kind of the school uniform changed from time to time.

7 For boys there were blue coats.

8There was no school uniform from 1918 to 1949.

Great Britain



1 3 5 7

4 8

2 6

Таблица №1( KEYS)

1. (names ) аre “for” school uniform.

2.Their reasons for uniform are _____________________

3.____ (names ) аre “against” school uniform.

4. Their reasons against uniform are ________________.

Good things about school uniform

  • School uniform helps discipline.
  • It stops us from choosing what to wear when we get up in the morning.
  • There is no difference between students from rich and poor families.
  • Formal style is great!
  • It helps everyone to feel equal.
  • Students can concentrate on their work better (they don’t think how they look).
  • If we have school uniforms we’ll be ready to have a dress code at our future work.
Bad things about school uniform
  • Students can’t express themselves.
  • Lack of comfort (people feel more comfortable in their own clothes).
  • It takes away our freedom.
  • School uniforms are expensive and most families don’t have extra money to pay for it.
  • School uniform is boring.
  • Unnecessary waste of money.
  • Our mood is worse because of it.
I am for/against school uniform because … (watch the video)
  • I am for/against school uniform because … (watch the video)

Say your own opinion of school uniform.

Use these phrases:



  • ( First) In my opinion school uniform is great, because..
  • ( Second) As for me school uniform is very important because…
  • ( Third) I think students should wear school uniform, because…
  • ( first) I believe school uniform is not useful at all, because…
  • ( Second) I think school uniform is not necessary, because…
  • ( Third) I hate wearing school uniform, because…

In conclusion( в заключении) school uniforms are good ( bad ) for students, because…
















A School Uniform is the Face of Schools as Well as the Old Tradition.


Упр 17, стр 36,( ПИСЬМ.)

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