Конспект урока "Using the computer … Why not?" 6 класс

Тема: «Using the computer … Why not?»
6 «А» класс
Ход урока
Good morning, dear boys and girls!
Today we shall have an unusual lesson. First, we are situated in the classroom
which is packed with computers, keyboards, earphones and computer mice. At our
everyday English lessons we haven’t got so many computer devices, but today we
Second, we shall have a happy chance to work with all these things in order and
(to) improve our English language and computer skills.
Third, I should be interested to know what we shall have a talk (talk) about at our
unusual English lesson. Give your suggestions. (речевой образец: I think we shall
have a talk about…at the lesson).
Корректность сформированной цели.
The aim of the lesson is формирование у учащихся деятельностных
способностей и способностей к структурированию и систематизации
изучаемого предметного содержания; формирование способности учащихся
к новому способу действия, связанному с построением структуры изученных
понятий и алгоритмов.
I’m sure that each of yru has got your own computers at home.
- Do you use a computer at home?
- How often do you use the computer?
- What to you use the computer for?
You affirm you use the computer to print new documents and ‘edit texts. But what
helps you to do these operations?
Maybe these Keys on this keyboard. Will you (go out to the blackboard) imagine
for a minute that you are one of these keys and introduce as one of these keys to us.
Shift write a letter in capital letters;
Escape ‘exit from a program that is not working correctly;
@ - write the symbol for at in an e-mail address;
direction keys move the cursor up or down, left or right;
hyphen join two words together, like brown eyed;
enter start a new line;
delete remove a word;
space bar make a space between two words.
I see that you are very competent at wor King on the computers. Could you help
me to answer these questions about computer viruses.
1) What is a virus? U
2) How do you get a virus in your computer? Л
3) How does a virus spread? P
4) How many viruses are there? C
5) What damage does a virus do? E
6) How can you stop viruses damaging your files?
Match the questions from the screen with the answers in your Sheet of paper.
Dear boys and girls, you can rock every body with your Knowledge about
computers. Now, let’s stand up and move your bodies under the song “We will
rock you” …, …, , and sit at the computers, put on the earphones and get
ready to receive some the listening task from your dearest teacher. You will have
to listen to the speaker, record [ri’Kod] your own sentences, check your answers,
evaluate yourself and send your record [‘recod] to my laptop. I check your answers
and send my mark to you. Dm’t forget to (write me) say “thank you” to me with
your message. Get down on to work. While these students are working on
computers you ore to match the words witch the parts of the tool bar (панель
инструментов) and find the right translation for each tool. Work in pairs.
Now use the word processing tools to make the text look as good as possible. For
use different fonts (шрифт) and sizes
put some words in bold or italics
use underline
Hobbies in my family
I like collecting coins. My mum likes gardening. My dad likes music and cinema.
My sister likes dancing.
Dear friends, our lesson, is coming to an end. In front of your eyes you’ve gota
table (chart) Plus – Minus Interesting”. Complete the chart. Dit you enjoy the
So did I.
Thanks for your work.
The lesson is over. Good-bay, children.
Most computers, have a word processing program installed. The tools on a word
processing program appear on a tool bar across the top of your computer screen.